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Week 3 Spring Training Cheat Sheet

Posted by on Mar 27, 2010 in Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Fantasy Baseball Tips | 0 comments

Below is our third review of the top three hitters and pitchers in each standard 5×5 fantasy baseball category during 2010 Spring Training. Judging a hitter or pitcher on Spring Training performance is difficult because both hitters and hurlers tend to face some competition that won’t make an Opening Day roster. Spring Training stats can be useful in discovering who might breakout in the upcoming season or which rookies can make an impact when they are called up later in the year. In the case of sluggers like Mark Teixeira, Spring Training numbers just reinforce the notion that they are warm weather superstars – guys who dominate during the summer months and are notorious slow starters because they play in a four-season climate. Any thoughts on how spring training can positively or negatively affect a players fantasy value? We...

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2010 Fantasy Baseball Draft Sleepers: Hitters

Posted by on Mar 17, 2010 in Fantasy Baseball Draft, Fantasy Baseball Prospects, Fantasy Baseball Sleepers | 0 comments

A few days ago, we analyzed the 2010 fantasy baseball pitcher sleepers to watch in 2010.  Today, we take a look at the more important side of the equation–fantasy baseball hitters sleepers. Unless you like to mortgage the present for the future, or play in a deep keeper league,  most of us don’t want to pick sleepers who won’t be up in the majors until September.  Hence, the players you see in all italics below will be definites for starting the 2010 fantasy baseball season in the majors and with starting roles.  Keep your eyes on these guys as your 2010 fantasy baseball draft comes closer to see if they are going to stick in the bigs to start the season. Austin Jackson, Tigers , OF — Jackson will get a chance to show his stuff early as a...

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25 Fantasy Baseball Auction League Tips

Posted by on Mar 11, 2010 in Fantasy Baseball Draft | 2 comments

Fantasy Baseball Auction Leagues take fantasy baseball to a higher level than traditional draft leagues.  There’s an extra degree of strategy that doesn’t exist in a traditional draft league. In auction leagues, you can’t simply grab one of the magazines at your local newsstand and follow its recommendations, because there is no upfront, defined strategy.  There are too many variables; too many moving parts.  It’s the difference between checkers and chess. Auction fantasy baseball formats continue to increase in popularity, mostly because they are more fun.  If you are an advanced fantasy baseball player who has been playing for several years. the conventional snake draft format starts to get old.  In fact, Yahoo Fantasy Baseball has even introduced an auction format this year, including apps to make your life easier. Here are some tips that will help you win...

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2010 Fantasy Baseball Draft Sleeper Pitchers

Posted by on Mar 9, 2010 in Fantasy Baseball Draft, Fantasy Baseball Prospects, Fantasy Baseball Relief Pitchers, Fantasy Baseball Sleepers, Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers, Fantasy Baseball Tips | 3 comments

by BallparkBob Everybody is looking for a sleeper in their fantasy baseball draft.  Whether you win the fantasy baseball league or not, having bragging rights for finding that rookie sensation is a nice consolation prize, even if you don’t end up winning the pennant. While finding that unknown diamond in the rough is great for your ego, you’re more likely to find a dud than a stud. Here’s a look at some of the top 2010 fantasy baseball pitcher sleepers and fantasy baseball pitcher prospects for your 2010 fantasy baseball draft. Stephen Strasburg, SP, Nationals — Its hard to say Stephen Strasburg is a sleeper, but he is a newcomer.  Probably the most highly-touted pitcher to ever put on a uniform, Strasburg will likely start the season in the minors, although the hype has never been higher for a...

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The Cuban Big Papi

Posted by on Mar 2, 2010 in Baseball News, Fantasy Baseball Draft, Fantasy Baseball Infielders, Fantasy Baseball Sleepers, Fantasy Baseball Tips | 0 comments

Jose Julio “Ruiz is a David Ortiz-looking dude,”  said ESPN’s Jorge Arangure Jr. Ruiz showed up in Miami in June, 2009 after defecting from Cuba.  Our friends over at Cuban Ball Players believe him to be the third best prospect among the recently exiled players from Cuba. Ruiz, 25, is 6′ 3″,230 pounds and is a left-handed hitting first baseman.  In 52 games for the Cuban League Wasps last season, Ruiz hit .305 with 21 doubles and 11 homeruns, while knocking in 69.  His RBI total was good for tenth in the league, despite only playing in 52 of the 90 game Cuban season.  More impressive, however, is his speed for a firstbaseman; Ruiz led the league in stolen bases with 32. He’s been working out for teams in the Dominican Republic.  Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos went to visit...

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