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2010 Fantasy Baseball Draft Sleeper Pitchers

Posted by on Mar 9, 2010 in Fantasy Baseball Draft, Fantasy Baseball Prospects, Fantasy Baseball Relief Pitchers, Fantasy Baseball Sleepers, Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers, Fantasy Baseball Tips | 3 comments

by BallparkBob Everybody is looking for a sleeper in their fantasy baseball draft.  Whether you win the fantasy baseball league or not, having bragging rights for finding that rookie sensation is a nice consolation prize, even if you don’t end up winning the pennant. While finding that unknown diamond in the rough is great for your ego, you’re more likely to find a dud than a stud. Here’s a look at some of the top 2010 fantasy baseball pitcher sleepers and fantasy baseball pitcher prospects for your 2010 fantasy baseball draft. Stephen Strasburg, SP, Nationals — Its hard to say Stephen Strasburg is a sleeper, but he is a newcomer.  Probably the most highly-touted pitcher to ever put on a uniform, Strasburg will likely start the season in the minors, although the hype has never been higher for a...

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No Ray of Hope for Reyes’ Return

Posted by on Aug 6, 2009 in Fantasy Baseball Infielders, Fantasy Baseball Tips | 0 comments

Can the New York Mets season get any worse? Shortstop Jose Reyes went for an MRI on Wednesday and it appears as though Reyes’ hamstring injury is worse than originally anticipated.  Doctors reported that there is scar tissue and severe inflammation in the young star’s hamstring. Jose Reyes, 26, has not played since May 20 when he suffered the injury at Dodger Stadium. If you are still hanging on in hopes of a Reyes’ return for 2009, give up.  There is not a rey of hope that Jose will be back.  If you’re still holding out, you’re not alone.  According to CBS Sports, although only 9% of clueless managers still have Reyes in their starting lineup, 96% of fantasy baseball owners are still holding out for a miracle return in September for Reyes.  Give up.  It isn’t going to happen....

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Cast Your Vote For 2009’s Hottest Wife In Baseball

Posted by on Jul 15, 2009 in Hottest Baseball Wives | 0 comments

Fantasy baseball tips and advice provider Fantasy Baseball Dugout announced the kickoff of its second annual contest to determine the hottest wife in Major League Baseball, an online and text message poll starting July 15 and running through August 31. Baseball’s Hottest Wives Finalists Anna Benson, wife of Texas Rangers pitcher Kris Benson Karen Burnett, wife of New York Yankees pitcher A.J. Burnett Lisa Dergan, wife of Chicago White Sox outfielder Scott Podsednik Heidi DeRosa, 2008 winner and wife of St. Louis Cardinals infielder Mark DeRosa Ashley Eckstein, wife of San Diego Padres infielder David Eckstein Heidi Hamels, wife of Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels Jamie Kotsay, wife of Boston Red Sox outfielder Mark Kotsay Misty May-Treanor, wife of Detroit Tigers catcher Matt Treanor Yuka Okajima, wife of Red Sox pitcher Hideki Okajima Laura Posada, wife of Yankees catcher...

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Hit Tracker Online

Posted by on May 5, 2009 in Baseball News | 0 comments

If you love fantasy baseball, then you surely love statistics. If you love baseball, then you surely love the homerun. You are going to love this site.  Just make sure that you don’t have to mow the grass or shop for Mother’s Day when you first log on, because you are going to be there for a while. The site measures the distance of all major league homeruns.  Now, that’s not anything new.  That is found at nearly all of the parks around the MLB.  Plus, they have been projecting the length of homeruns on television broadcasts for many years now. But, look what’s available besides the length of the homerun.  You can see the speed of the ball off the bat and the trajectory angle of the homerun.  It also shows how the temperature affected the flight of...

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Platoons Offer Fantasy Baseball Outfielders Opportunities

Posted by on May 3, 2009 in Fantasy Baseball Outfielders | 0 comments

If you play in a daily transaction league, you might look no further than at platoons to find your starters.  Maybe you like the opponent, the hitters’ park, or the opposing team pitchers.  Look no further than platoon players. One such platoon is going on in Boston where manager Terry Francona is rotating Rocco Baldelli against lefties and is using J.D. Drew against righties.  Drew is likely the better player, but Baldelli brings some special attributes to the lineup as well.  Drew is .924 OPS vs. RHP, but .796 vs. LHP.  Baldelli, on the other hand, is .838 vs. LHP and .743 vs. RHP. Lou Piniella is doing the same thing with his outfielders in Wrigley.  Kosuke Fukudome has been hitting vs. RHP and Reed Johnson is getting the nod vs. LHP.  While Fukudome hits both equally (.742 vs....

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