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Need A Gift For A Yankee? Check Out “Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories”

Posted by on Dec 23, 2010 in Promotional Considerations | 1 comment

Editor’s Note: In September, your friend BeeZee at Fantasy Baseball Dugout was contacted about this great book by Alex Belth of Bronx Banter. I received an early copy, checked it out… and didn’t ever sit down and properly review it like a good blogger should. Shame on me. Anyway, since we clearly owe them a favor for not putting something together the first time, here’s some info on this solid book filled with anecdotes and testimonies about the house that Ruth built – “Old” Yankee Stadium. If you have a Yankee diehard on your Christmas list who misses the old stadium, this book could really be a great last minute gift. Buy Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories at From the press release: At Yankee games, the fans applaud in unison as their heroes circle the bases. The cheers may...

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Unlikely Postseason Yankees Heroes

Posted by on Nov 12, 2010 in Baseball News | 0 comments

Throughout their storied history, the New York Yankees have fielded some of the best teams in history featuring some of the game’s most legendary figures. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, Don Mattingly, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera — the list goes on and on. But to win 27 World Series Championships, other players have to contribute too. Little-known, lesser talents, afterthoughts during the regular season, have a habit of stepping up for the Bronx Bombers in big ways during the postseason. Maybe it’s because winning is contagious, or maybe it’s just the Yankee mystique rubbing off on them at the right. Either way, these players achieved their moment of glory in unexpected — and well-timed — ways. •    Bucky Dent: Or as any Red Sox fan would say, “Buck F—ing Dent.” The light-hitting shortstop was...

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MLB Playoff Predictions (From Contributor Evan Abrams)

Posted by on Sep 21, 2010 in Baseball News | 2 comments

We are almost three weeks into September and the MLB playoffs are right around the corner. This year, it looks like we are going to have two very different groups of teams in the playoffs. In one group, we have the teams that have been there before; these are the teams with playoff experience and veterans galore. In group two, we have the inexperienced playoff teams; these are the group of guys that are not only young, but unproven when it comes to the lights of October. In group one this year, I have: The Evil Empire (Yankees), Minnesota Twins, Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies. In group two this year: Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers, Cincinnati Reds and the National League West (Padres, Giants, Rockies). I am definitely not saying the teams in group two cannot win a World...

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Week 21 Baseball Power Rankings

Posted by on Aug 31, 2010 in Baseball Power Rankings | 0 comments

Fantasy Baseball Dugout is proud to have one of the six voting spots in Yardbarker’s Blogger Poll for MLB Power Rankings 2010. In addition to providing our insight on ranking each MLB team 1-30, we also monitor the NL East each week and drop a little insight on each team. See below for our rankings for MLB Week 21. It’s been about 10 weeks or so since we last published our poll. At the time, the Yankees had just taken over the Rays as the top team on the list. Due to going 7-3 in their last 10 games and seeing how they’ve once again tied the Yanks atop the AL East, the Rays once again sit atop our power rankings. In other major AL East news, the Orioles finally moved out of the cellar in our power rankings…...

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Week 14 Two Start Pitchers

Posted by on Jul 4, 2010 in Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers | 0 comments

Are you two-start pitcher streaming? If not, you’re likely missing out on a great opportunity to increase your weekly strikeout total, win total, log more innings pitched, and potentially lower your team ERA and WHIP in head to head leagues that allow daily lineup changes. Some leagues don’t allow such activity by limiting the number of player adds you can make each week. However, if you can find a loophole in your league settings and add/drop pitchers all season long – you’re going to have a great chance to win the whole thing come September! For the third consecutive season, we will be tracking two start pitchers to make sure you always win your pitching categories. That way, if you’re cutting Wandy Rodriguez because of his 8.30 ERA over the last month – you can add someone who can...

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