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April 2010: The Month That Was In Fantasy Baseball

Posted by on May 7, 2010 in Fantasy Baseball Tips | 0 comments

Hard to believe that a full month of the MLB season is already in the books. Most baseball diehards know that what happens in April often means very little come September. There’s always a hott team in April that isn’t expected to hang around all year. On the other side of the coin, many teams struggle out of the gate but gain momentum as the year goes on to get competitive… at least, that’s what all of Red Sox Nation is hoping for. In fantasy baseball, the game is similar. Several players who are historically great and reliable struggle in the early months. Also, many journeyman players that you’ve never heard of before light up the box scores every night. Figuring out who’s April numbers are a phase and are for real is critical to being successful all season....

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2010 MLB Predictions (And Some Fantasy Baseball)

Posted by on Apr 4, 2010 in Baseball News, Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Fantasy Baseball Tips | 0 comments

Tomorrow – officially – is Opening Day (even though ESPN likes to get the party started one night early). Opening Day is still one of our favorite days of the year at Fantasy Baseball Dugout. Something about baseball being played nationwide for the first time each April is thrilling. Maybe its one of the sure tell signs of spring, maybe its the famous people throwing out first pitches, maybe its the fact that there is meaningful afternoon baseball on a Monday. Whatever it is – the homies at Fantasy Baseball Dugout love Opening Day. Since every baseball blogger is going to be throwing out MLB predictions over the next 48 hours, we figured now is the best time to throw out our 2010 regular season predictions, too. When we look back over our track record in making these MLB...

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Fantasy Baseball Profile: Matt Kemp

Posted by on Jan 5, 2010 in Fantasy Baseball Outfielders | 0 comments

On the news that Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp is dating Rihanna, we figured now is as good a time as any to drop a little 2010 fantasy baseball knowledge on the dude. It’s way too early to speculate on whether or not Rihanna could one day be one of Baseball’s Hottest Wives – but we’re pretty sure she’d give Heidi DeRosa a run for her money were she eligible. However, that’s a whole ‘nother fantasy all together In 2009, Kemp batted .297 with 26 home runs, 101 RBI, 97 runs scored and 34 steals – turning him into a fantasy baseball superstar and MLB Silver Slugger. And while the team at Fantasy Baseball Dugout doesn’t really care about fielding accolades – he won a freakin’ Gold Glove too. Stealin’ bases. Silver sluggin’. Smoochin’ Rihanna… 2009 was a good year...

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Vin Scully is Baseball’s Chattiest Announcer

Posted by on Sep 4, 2009 in Baseball News | 0 comments

Vin Scully is in a class by himself. Anybody who has followed baseball for a while knows this. Certainly, anybody who has the MLB package probably finds themselves watching the Dodgers in late night games more than any other. Sure, the Dodgers are an interesting team with James Loney and Manny Ramirez and all, but you watch the Dodgers because of Vin Scully. According to a study by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ has suddenly taken an interest in sports to sell newspapers since the stock market sucks so bad), Vin Scully is the chattiest announcer in MLB. Scully aid an average 143.51 words per minute. Heck, even your mother-in-law can’t talk that much! Scully bested Dan McLaughlin of the Cardinals by 34 words per minute. In fact, Scully says almost 3 times as many words as last place...

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Fantasy Baseball Effects of Jim Thome Deal

Posted by on Sep 3, 2009 in Fantasy Baseball Tips | 0 comments

The Dodgers sure are cocky! Jim Thome was acquired by Los Angeles in a trade with the White Sox for minor league infielder Justin Fuller.  But, what exactly will be Thome’s role with the Dodgers? Thome’s Role Only as Pinch Hitter There’s no guessing here.  Manager Joe Torre has already told the media that Thome will be used exclusively as a pinch hitter and he will not play the field.  Torre also told Dodgers’ first baseman James Loney that Thome was not coming to LA to take playing time from him. It makes you wonder why Thome would give up on his no-trade clause to agree to the move, but if you knew Jim Thome, you’d know that he’s the ultimate team player.  So, it’s not surprising at all.  If the White Sox wanted to make the move, the...

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