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Diana Roberts: Baseball’s Hottest Wife for 2011

Baseball's Hottest Wives

Baseball's Hottest Wife 2011: Diana Roberts

It has been a disappointing season for Brian Roberts and the Baltimore Orioles, but hopefully things are looking up a little for the Roberts family now.

In the closest competition in the four year history of Baseball’s Hottest Wives, Roberts’ wife Diana Chiafair Roberts edged Derek Jeter’s ex-fiancee and Charlie’s Angels star Minka Kelly to take home the coveted title.  Had Kelly won, it would have been the first non-married winner of Baseball’s Hottest Wives and would have meant that Kelly would have had to have added an asterisk to her name.  The margin of victory for the ex-Deal or No Deal suitcase model was less than one percent.

Baseball’s Hottest Wives 2011 registered over 29,000 votes from all around the world.  Baseball fans, and fans of pretty women in general, voted via the web site Fantasy Baseball Dugout and via text message voting supplied by Advanced Telecom Services’ text message marketing site  While Roberts won the overall combined vote, Kelly actually received the most text message votes followed by Roberts, Emily Greinke and Lindsay Clubine (Clay Bucholz wife).

Final votes for Baseball’s Hottest Wives 2011 was as follows:

  1. Diana Roberts — 15.03%
  2. Minka Kelly (Derek Jeter) — 14.21%
  3. Emily Greinke — 10.94%
  4. Heidi Hamels — 10.33%
  5. Heidi DeRosa — 7.67%
  6. Laura Posada — 7.06%
  7. Karina Smirnoff (Brad Penny) — 5.01%
  8. Joanna Garcia (Nick Swisher) — 4.91%
  9. Saeko Darvish — 4.30%
  10. Michelle Damon — 4.28%
  11. Amber Sabathia — 3.37%
  12. Krystle Campbell (Ryan Howard) — 3.07%
  13. Lindsay Clubine (Clay Bucholz) — 2.87%
  14. Jamie Kotsay — 2.85%
  15. Alejandra Tejada — 2.15%
  16. Ashley Eckstein — 1.94%

Diana Chiafair Roberts married Brian in January 2009.  The brunette beauty was born on Long Island and raised in South Florida.  Diana’s resume includes photo shoots for FHM, Sports Illustrated, and Vanity Fair.

Previous winners of Baseball’s Hottest Wives were two time winner Heidi DeRosa in 2008 and 2009 and Saeko Darvish in 2010.




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