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Baseball’s Hottest Wives Vote 2011

Last year, we held our third annual vote to end the debate over who the hottest baseball wife in baseball is. While Heidi DeRosa attempted to lock up a three-peat, the ballot box was stuffed by international voters in favor of Saeko Darvish, wife of Nippon Ham Fighters ace Yu Darvish!

Below are the official Sweet 16 for FBD’s 2011 Hottest Baseball Wives Vote. Both Darvish and DeRosa are back with some familiar faces… and some new blood, as brides-to-be* like Minka Kelly and Karina Smirnoff join the fray in 2011.

* – Yes, engaged qualifies. It’s in the official Baseball’s Hottest Wives Rulebook, section 7.2. Email webmaster [at] fantasybaseballdugout [dot] com for details.

Since we launched these annual contests back in 2008, over 100,000 votes have been cast for Baseball’s Hottest Wives either by internet vote or text message vote.  Text message voting provided once again by

Now, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for: Baseball’s Hottest Wives 2011. To vote, text HOTT(space)(number) to 84444 or click your choices in the poll in the right sidebar.

Baseball’s Hottest Wives 2011

Saeko Darvish, Baseball's Hottest Wife

Saeko Darvish – HOTT 1


Heidi DeRosa, Baseball's Hottest Wives

Heidi DeRosa – HOTT 2


Minka Kelly, Baseball's Hottest Wives

Minka Kelly (Derek Jeter) – HOTT 3


Karina Smirnoff, Baseball's Hottest Wives

Karina Smirnoff (Brad Penny) – HOTT 4


Joanna Garcia Swisher

Joanna Garcia (Nick Swisher) – HOTT 5


Krystle Campbell Baseball's Hottest Wives

Krystle Campbell (Ryan Howard) – HOTT 6


Emily Kuchar Greinke, Baseball's Hottest Wives 2011

Emily Greinke – HOTT 7


Lindsay Clubine Buchholz Baseball's Hottest Wives 2011

Lindsay Clubine (Clay Buchholz) – HOTT 8


Diana Roberts, Baseball's Hottest Wives 2011

Diana Roberts – HOTT 9


Alejandra Tejada, Baseball's Hottest Wives 2011

Alejandra Tejada – HOTT 10


Amber Sabathia, Baseball's Hottest Wives 2011

Amber Sabathia – HOTT 11


Laura Posada, Baseball's Hottest Wives 2011

Laura Posada – HOTT 12


Heidi Hamels, Baseball's Hottest Wives 2011

Heidi Hamels – HOTT 13


Jamie Kotsay, Baseball's Hottest Wives 2011

Jamie Kotsay – HOTT 14


Ashley Eckstein, Baseball's Hottest Wives 2011

Ashley Eckstein – HOTT 15


Michelle Damon, Baseball's Hottest Wives 2011

Michelle Damon – HOTT 16




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