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Baseball’s Hottest Wives

The Hottest Wives Of Baseball:
Presented by Fantasy Baseball Dugout

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Anna Benson Sporting News Cover

Fantasy Baseball Dugout is proud to present the following photo gallery devoted to the Hottest Wives of Baseball. To qualify, you must have exchanged vows with a Major League Baseball player, active or retired.

New and improved, we’ve also developed pages that include ex-wives (Cynthia Rodriguez) and the gorgeous wives of retired players (Alicia Rickter). We’ve continued, however, to avoid posting the pics of girlfriends and fiancee’s (sorry Emily Kuchar and the millions of chicks who have dated Derek Jeter).

Heidi DeRosaCheck out the voting results from 2008’s Hottest Wives Contest. Heidi DeRosa is back to defend her title of Baseball’s Hottest Wife again in 2009. Finalists for this year’s contest have been announced, and voting is open till August 31.

As long as Major League Baseball players continue to get hitched, this list will grow. If there is a hott wife you enjoy checking out at the ballpark and we don’t have her on our list, e-mail us at webmaster [at] fantasybaseballdugout [dot] com and let us know who she is.

If you’re the shy, silent type, that’s cool too. Just keep checking back as we continue adding beautiful baseball babes!

Jamie Kotsay

Jamie Kotsay

Michelle Damon

Michelle Damon

Lisa Dergan Podsednik
Lisa Dergan Podsednik

Anna Benson

Anna Benson

Ashley Drane

Ashley Eckstein

Heidi Hamels

Heidi Hamels (right)

Jennie Finch

Jennie Finch (Casey Daigle)

Shannon Schambeau

Shannon Schambeau (John Patterson)

Tomoyo Shibata

Tomoyo Matsuzaka

Alejandra Tejada

Alejandra Tejada

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Laura Posada
Laura Posada

Heidi (Miller) DeRosa

Heidi DeRosa

Lisa Kapler

Lisa Kapler

Misty May-Treanor
Misty May-Treanor


Julia Schultz (Tomko)

Mia Hamm

Mia Hamm-Garciaparra

Alex Chavez
Alex Chavez

Diana Chiafair Roberts
Diana C. Roberts

Karen Burnett
Karen Burnett

Deidre Pujols Hot Baseball Wife
Deidre Pujols

Farah Lester Hot Baseball Wife
Farah Lester

Jen Utley Hot Baseball Wife
Jen Utley

Jordan Schneider Hot Baseball Wife
Jordan Schneider

Juliana Ramirez Hot Baseball Wife
Juliana Ramirez

Juliana Zorbrist Hot Baseball Wife
Juliana Zorbrist

Kelli Pedroia Hot Baseball Wife
Kelli Pedroia

Krista Morneau Hot Baseball Wife
Krista Morneau

Leslee Holliday Hot Baseball Wife
Leslee Holliday

Tiffany Ortiz Hot Baseball Wife
Tiffany Ortiz

Now that you’ve looked at all of the hot baseball wives, you will have the chance to tell us your favorite once again this August. In the meantime, you can always head over to and check out some more hot babes.

Leave us a comment with whom you think is the hottest baseball wife of them all.



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