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Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Need help selecting a fantasy baseball team name? Check out over 50 ideas and selections below in a variety of categories, including:

  • funny fantasy baseball team names
  • dirty fantasy baseball team names
  • cool fantasy football team names
  • clever fantasy football team names

Whatever your goal is for a fantasy football team name – chances are good we’ve got one for you. Oh… and if you have one that you think needs to make our wall, e-mail it to us at webmaster [at] fantasybaseballdugout [dot] com with the words Fantasy Baseball Team Name in the subject line. Or… you can always tweet it to @fntsyballdugout and we will get it added.

Where applicable, we have given credit where credit is due. We’ll do the same for you if you like, too.

We’ve got a lot of names listed below.

Funny/Hilarious Fantasy Baseball Team Names

  • Drunken Sluggers – Flu, Wheeling, WV
  • Show Me Ur Ballz – Jade, Glen Mills, PA
  • Berenstain Bears
  • Snuffleupagus
  • RIP Steve Irwin
  • Disposable Heroes

Dirty/Vulgar Fantasy Baseball Team Names

  • Redneck Teabaggers – Christian, Fredrick, MD
  • Needle In The Ass – Chris, Youngstown, OH
  • Sexaholics
  • Sexecutioners
  • Fuckin’ Skanks
  • Percy Galore

Awesome/Cool Fantasy Baseball Team Names

  • Haters of the Year – David, Newark, DE
  • The Crushers – Mike, Oakland, MD
  • King’s Ransom – Ben, Lancaster, PA
  • I Win – Kyle, Durham, NC
  • Gimme The Loot
  • Hold’em or Fold’em

Clever Fantasy Baseball Team Names

  • The Fighting Amish – BeeZee, Lancaster, PA
  • Cleveland Rocks! – Chris, Youngstown, OH
  • Cleveland Beers
  • Welcome To Jamrock – Oscar, Pittsburgh, PA
  • The Columnists – Dan, Lancaster, PA
  • Ed’s Bar and Swill – Brooks, Blacksburg, VA
  • The Mindbenders – Jon, Millersville, PA
  • The Terminators – Albert, Lancaster, PA
  • Moundsville Mafia
  • Combine Two Team/School Mascots (ie Mountaineer Tar Heels) – BeeZee, Lancaster, PA
  • Toast Of The Town – Dez, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Cranky Yankees – Jim, Lancaster, PA
  • Fender Bender – Jamie, Lancaster, PA
  • Wee Heavy – Alex, Mountville, PA
  • Rocket Sheep



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