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Baseball Video Games

Baseball Video Game imageAt Fantasy Baseball Dugout, we totally get your kind of geek (cause we’re just like you). You love fantasy baseball. You dig the hot baseball wives of your favorite players. And yeah, you play baseball video games.

Since the debut of Tornado Baseball in the old school arcades of 1976 through the release of the Ken Griffey series of games on Super Nintendo in the 90’s, to the fantasy baseball simulation games of today like MLB Front Office Manager, we have been there, just like you.

Today, online play across all the next-gen game systems has made playing baseball video games even more fun. In addition to beating our buddies in those weekly head-to-head fantasy matchups, you can take them down from the comfort of your own living room on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox Live.

Stay up to date on the latest developments in baseball video games by checking out our list of all 2009 releases. Links to pre-order or buy these video games are coming soon.

MLB Front Office Manager

Title: MLB Front Office Manager
Format: Playstation 3 / PC / Xbox 360
Release Date: 1.26.2009
News And Reviews: Week Two Review (Fantasy Baseball Dugout – 2/10)
Play Fantasy Baseball On Your Playstation
(FBD – 10/9)

Baseball Video Game image
Title: Major League Baseball 2K9
Format: PS2 / PS3 / PSP / X360 / Wii
Release Date: 3.2.2009
News And Reviews:

Baseball Video Game graphic


Title: MLB 09: The Show
Format: PS3 / PS2 / PSP
Release Date: 3.3.2009
News And Reviews:

Backyard Baseball Video Games
Title: Backyard Baseball 2010
Format: Wii / DS / PC / PS2
Release Date: 4.1.2009
News And Reviews:



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