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Baseball’s Hottest (Looking) Players

Introducing, Fantasy Baseball Dugout’s first annual Baseball’s Hottest (Looking) Players for 2009.

Baseball’s Hottest Players

Baseball’s Hottest (Looking) Players was compiled by Fantasy Baseball Dugout Publisher in Chief BallparkBob.  Baseball’s Hottest Players were compiled from over 700 tweets from female baseball fans on Twitter and votes on other social networking sites, blogs, and blog comments.


Derek Lee

Derek Lee, First Base, Chicago Cubs

Chase Utley

Chase Utley, Second Base, Philadelphia Phillies

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter, Shortstop, New York Yankees (Captain)

Grady Sizemore

Grady Sizemore, Outfield, Cleveland Indians

Johnny Damon

Johnny Damon, Outfield, New York Yankees

Andrew Ethier

Andre Ethier, Outfield, Los Angeles Dodgers

Brad Ausmus

Brad Ausmus, Catcher, Los Angeles Dodgers

Pat Burrell

Pat Burrell, Designated Hitter, Tampa Bay Rays

Nomar Garciaparra

Nomar Garciaparra, Utility, Los Angeles Dodgers

Cole Hamels

Cole Hamels, Pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies

Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera, Pitcher, New York Yankees

Bronson Arroyo

Bronson Arroyo, Pitcher, Cincinnati Reds

Barry Zito

Barry Zito, Pitcher, San Francisco Giants

Johan Santana

Johan Santana, Pitcher, New York Mets


Carlos Delgado

Carlos Delgado, First Base, New York Mets

Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts, Second Base, Baltimore Orioles


Alex Rodriguez, Third Base, New York Yankees

J. J. Hardy

J. J. Hardy, Shortstop, Milwaukee Brewers


Gabe Kapler, Outfield, Tampa Bay Rays

Jacoby Ellsbury

Jacoby Ellsbury, Outfield, Boston Red Sox

Alex Rios

Alex Rios, Outfield, Toronto Blue Jays

Jason LaRue

Jason Larue, Catcher, St. Louis Cardinals

Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez, Designated Hitter, Los Angeles Dodgers

Mark DeRosa

Mark DeRosa, Utility, Cleveland Indians

Rich Hardin

Rich Hardin, Pitcher, Chicago Cubs

Dan Haren

Dan Haren, Pitcher, Arizona Diamondbacks

John Maine

John Maine, Pitcher, New York Mets

Ted Lilly

Ted Lilly, Pitcher, Chicago Cubs


Willie Randolph

Willie Randolph, Coach, Milwaukee Brewers

Ruben Amaro Jr.

Ruben Amaro Jr., General Manager, Philadelphia Phillies

Justin Morneau

Justin Morneau, First Base, Minnesota Twins

Paul Konerko

Paul Konerko, First Base, Chicago White Sox

Mark Kotsay

Mark Kotsay, First Base, Boston Red Sox

Brandon Phillips

Brandon Phillips, Second Base, Cincinnati Reds

Ian Kinsler

Ian Kinsler, Second Base, Texas Rangers

Ryan Zimmerman

Ryan Zimmerman, Third Base, Washington Nationals

Ryan Theriot

Ryan Theriot, Shortstop, Chicago Cubs

Jimmy Rollins

Jimmy Rollins, Shortstop, Philadelphia Phillies

Bobby Crosby

Bobby Crosby, Shortstop, Oakland A’s

Hanley Ramirez

Hanley Ramirez, Shortstop, Florida Marlins

Nick Markakis

Nick Markakis, Outfield, Baltimore Orioles

Alfonso Soriano

Alfonso Soriano, Outfield, Chicago Cubs

Nick Swisher

Nick Swisher, Outfield, New York Yankees

Adam Jones

Adam Jones, Outfield, Baltimore Orioles

Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson, Outfield, Detroit Tigers

Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp, Outfield, Los Angeles Dodgers

Scott Podsednik

Scott Podsednik, Outfield, Chicago White Sox

Ichiro Suzuki

Ichiro Suzuki, Outfield, Seattle Mariners

Rick Ankiel

Rick Ankiel, Outfield, St. Louis Cardinals

Jeff Francoeur, Outfield, Atlanta Braves

Jayson Werth

Jayson Werth, Outfield, Philadelphia Phillies

Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton, Outfield, Texas Rangers

Joe Mauer

Joe Mauer, Catcher, Minnesota Twins

Jorge Posada

Jorge Posada, Catcher, New York Yankees

Manny Parra

Manny Parra, Pitcher, Milwaukee Brewers

Jon Lester

Jon Lester, Pitcher, Boston Red Sox

Hottest Retired Baseball Players

And, the hottest baseball players of all-time:

Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer, Pitcher, Baltimore Orioles

(If you are confident enough to pose in thong underwear, you must be hot.)

Joe Dimaggio — Hottest Baseball Player of All-Time

Joe Dimaggio

Joe Dimaggio, Outfield, New York Yankees

(If you get Marilyn Monroe, I’d have to say you are lock for being the hottest baseball player of all-time.)



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