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Hate The Cubs A Little Less By Visiting

Posted by on Sep 15, 2009 in Baseball News, Promotional Considerations | 1 comment

At Fantasy Baseball Dugout, BeeZee has a strange love/hate relationship with Chicago baseball. BeeZee grew up a Frank Thomas fan and rooted for (still kinda does root for) the Southsiders. He’s had the same Chicago White Sox ballcap since 1995 (and still wears it). And he’s one of the only people that actually watched the 2005 World Series live. Oh… and he watches ‘My Boys’ and likes it, too. That Jordana Spiro is one sexy talented actress. There’s also a lot of things to hate about Chicago baseball. BeeZee’s particular brand of hatred for Chicago baseball pretty much starts and ends with Sammy Sosa, his corked bat, and his obvious steroid use. Although Alfonso Soriano was a major letdown in fantasy baseball this season, BeeZee still doesn’t hate him. Just Sosa. Despite this love/hate relationship, BeeZee still is very...

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Gold Coins – Always A Good Investment

Posted by on Sep 3, 2009 in Promotional Considerations | 0 comments

Gold coins have held their value throughout history more than any other precious metal. Why? Because who doesn’t love GOLD? Without being a really savvy investor, however, how easy is it to really purchase gold? Of course, you could always head to the local pawn shop, but that guy’s gold probably isn’t worth much outside of his store. Luckily, is here to help us gold diggers who don’t know how to play the gold game. At Gold Coins Gain, the price of gold is firmly set, so idiots like you and me who just love fantasy baseball don’t get taken. Don’t just go to this site now and turn all your cash in to purchase gold bullion. However, is gold a good investment over that WWF Nasty Boys autograph photo you’ve been saving for the right time to...

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You Can Keep DirecTV Even When You Move

Posted by on Aug 26, 2009 in Promotional Considerations | 0 comments

Last summer, when my family moved across the state, we didn’t want to lose our Directv. We quite enjoyed the vast array of sports and movie channels Directv provides, and didn’t see any reason to lose out on watching the best football coverage just because we moved. Luckily, Direct TV has a great program for people that move. They install your dish at no cost to you (assuming you were already a subscriber). Also, depending on your length of time as a customer, there might also be additional perks if you rejoin their satellite TV service – like a yearlong subscription to a movie channel or an upgrade in hardware. I am totally digging Direct TV this year, especially with football season on the way. NFL Sunday Ticket will be broadcast in HD all year, and every game, every...

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Fall Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations

Posted by on Aug 20, 2009 in Promotional Considerations | 0 comments

Just another week or so until the baseball season hits its final month, and the weather starts to turn from the beauty of summer to the crisp air of fall. If the crisp air and changing leaves of the Northeast aren’t your cup of tea during the fall, don’t forget that you can still take that Myrtle Beach golf trip you’ve been attempting to schedule all summer. In that pristine region of South Carolina, Myrtle Beach features more than 50 local golf courses – and they all rock. Even the most affordable public courses in Myrtle Beach are in better shape than the worst private courses other places. And these days, you don’t have to spend hours on the phone calling every B&B or hotel on the coast trying to find a room for you and the boys. Myrtle...

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Cheap Seats For Nationwide Sports Events

Posted by on Aug 2, 2009 in Promotional Considerations | 0 comments

This summer, the bloggers at Fantasy Baseball Dugout have bought a fair amount of tickets to baseball games. However, we aren’t just fans of the National Pastime here at FBD. We love all sports. We have received a lot of tips for getting great seats for great games in our online travels. The easiest way to guarantee you get quality seats, however, is to buy game tickets online. There’s always somebody out there selling, even in the minutes leading up to the beginning of a game. Just because the media is calling a game a “sellout” doesn’t mean there are no tickets available. With the NFL season right around the corner, a lot of sites have football tickets available at ridiculous prices. However, earlier this season we showed some friends of FBD a little appreciation with a pair of...

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Finding Tough Tickets For That ‘Other’ Football…

Posted by on Aug 2, 2009 in Promotional Considerations | 1 comment

Right around the start of the college football season, the English Premier League kicks off across the pond. Established in 1892, no English football club can match the success of Liverpool FC – League Champions 18 times, FA Cup winners seven times, League Cup winners seven times, European Cup winners five times and UEFA Cup winners three times. In 2011, Liverpool FC is scheduled to move into a new, 60,000 seat stadium. While the project has been put on hold due to the worldwide “recession,” Liverpool tickets are still quite tough to get. Since Anfield is bound to be replaced by the new 60,000 seat stadium situated just 300 yards away from Anfield, these next few seasons are going to be the best time to get tickets. Then again, it also isn’t going to be easy. For those American sports...

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