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20 Best Fantasy Baseball Tools

Posted by on Jan 8, 2011 in 2011 Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Baseball 101, Fantasy Baseball Draft, Fantasy Baseball Rankings | 4 comments

The regular NFL season is over so that means the fantasy football season is over and the fantasy baseball season has begun.  Sure, some of you might play fantasy basketball and some of you even play fantasy hockey (at least our Canadian readers), but for most of us, the end of fantasy football season means the beginning of fantasy baseball season. During the winter, its time to start doing your general research to prepare for your fantasy baseball draft.  Just like a baseball player who sticks to his off-season workouts, the work you do now will pay off when your fantasy baseball draft begins. Here, from Fantasy Baseball Dugout, are the best resources for your off-season fantasy baseball research. Magazines — In the Winter, the first baseball and fantasy baseball magazines hit your favorite newsstands.  They are fun to...

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Watch Fantasy Baseball Dugout Video

Posted by on Dec 18, 2010 in Fantasy Baseball 101, Hottest Baseball Wives | 0 comments

It’s what you’ve been waiting for.  We are now releasing the official Fantasy Baseball Dugout video which promotes our fantasy baseball tips and our Baseball’s Hottest Wives...

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BallparkBob’s Top 100 Sports Movies

Posted by on Dec 14, 2010 in Fantasy Baseball 101 | 1 comment

Based on the phenomenal success of BallparkBob’s Top 50 Baseball Movies, which was picked up by ESPN and NESN to name a few, BallparkBob introduces BallparkBob’s Top 100 Sports Movies of all-time. What makes for a good sports movie? A movie with a memorable line that people still quote today is an important criteria.  “Yo, Adrian!” Then, there’s the movie that puts a lump in the throat of even the toughest of guys.  It’s the lump in the throat of a man that only could occur in a sports flick.  Think Brian’s Song, Field of Dreams, or Rudy. As for sequels, I look for the entire series as a whole.  So, no points off for Rocky V. I do have preferences.  I love all sports, but I really love baseball.  I am also partial to color so some of...

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OBI% Clutch Hitters in World Series

Posted by on Oct 23, 2010 in 2011 Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Baseball 101, Fantasy Baseball Tips | 0 comments

If you are the National League representative in the World Series, the guys you don’t want to face are Josh Hamilton and Vladimir Guerrero.  No surprise there. Hamilton had a OBI% of 19.4%, good for sixth in the MLB this year amongst players with at least 486 plate appearances.  Guerrero was not far behind at 18.8%.  The guy in the Rangers lineup that you do want to face in a runners on base situation?  Elvis Andrus at 10.4%. About 13-14 is the average for MLB hitters so use that as a judge of a hitters ability to knock in runners on base. Here’s a look at the World Series and NLCS players and their OBI% for the 2010 season. Rangers Josh Hamilton — 19.4% Vladimir Guerrero — 18.8% Nelson Cruz — 17.6% Mitchell Moreland — 15.0% Ian Kinsler —...

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OBI%: The Stat that SHOULD be Used in Fantasy Baseball

Posted by on Oct 23, 2010 in 2011 Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Baseball 101, Fantasy Baseball Games | 0 comments

Don’t blame Carlos Gonzalez  for the Colorado Rockies demise this year.  When it comes to driving in runs with runners on base, Gonzalez did his job. “Others Batted In Percentage,” or OBI%, is a stat that measures the rate at which batters drive in runners on base, given the opportunities presented.  It’s a far more realistic stat than RBI given that not every hitter enjoys the same opportunities to create an RBI.  Come up to bat with the bases empty and there’s only a chance for an RBI if you belt one out of the yard. Twenty years ago, nobody really knew about WHIP either.  Today, you’ll find a WHIP rating for all pitchers in the listings.  And, it’s not just fantasy players that care about WHIP; managers and general managers care about WHIP too.  It’s become a great tool for...

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Fantasy Baseball Considerations for Commissioners

Posted by on Oct 16, 2010 in Fantasy Baseball 101, Fantasy Baseball Draft | 3 comments

Being the commissioner of a fantasy baseball league is not an easy task.  The hours are long.  You often manage a bunch of crybabies.  And, the pay: it sucks. Hopefully, you’ll have the rules laid out so that there aren’t any disputes during the season that you have to rule on, but there’s always one guy looking for a loophole in the rules to take advantage of.  Of course, it is a game of points so why shouldn’t managers look for ways to maximize their points.  It’s up to you to create a set of rules that attempts to cover every possible situation that arises.  Not easy. Here are some of the decisions a commissioner needs to make when starting a league. PLAY FOR MONEY OR NOT? I always believe its a good idea to have a cash prize.  ...

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