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Fantasy Baseball for Beginners

Posted by on Apr 29, 2013 in Fantasy Baseball 101 | 0 comments

Fantasy Baseball has become a hobby for millions of men and women all across the country. You may be a doctor, or a hotel janitor, but when it comes to playing fantasy baseball, the playing fields are equal. Blogs and forums are full of discussions on who to draft, who falls into the “sleeper” category, and strategy on how to manage your team. If this sounds exciting, then you’re probably going to enjoy fantasy baseball. We know we have some beginners out there that would benefit greatly from a simple overview of what fantasy baseball is – and is not.  Here is a snapshot of how the game of fantasy baseball works. 1.    Start by joining a league– Begin by joining a free public league. Some leagues are invitation only, so if you were invited to play, start by entering the...

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Are you a Buyer or a Seller?

Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Fantasy Baseball 101 | 0 comments

Prior to August 1, many MLB teams had to make the tough decision: are we buyers or are we sellers? The Pittsburgh Pirates, second in the National League Central were in the unusual position of actually not being sellers in late July.  Same with the Baltimore Orioles who are competing for a coveted wild card post season position.  Certainly, the addition of the extra wild card team this year has made more teams buyers than in previous seasons. The Philadelphia Phillies, with 5 consecutive NL East championships, were also in an unusual position of being sellers.  In years past, the Phillies used the trading deadline to pick up stars such as Roy Oswalt, Cliff Lee, Hunter Pence, and Joe Blanton.  This year, Blanton was traded to the Dodgers and Philadelphia also had to pare down salary and did so...

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Chicks Dig the Infield Shift

Posted by on May 13, 2012 in Baseball News, Fantasy Baseball 101, Fantasy baseball designated hitters, Fantasy Baseball Infielders | 0 comments

As more baseball managers employ the defensive shift, it could have a profound effect on some of your favorite fantasy baseball players. The Increased Use of the Shift in Baseball and its Effects on Fantasy Baseball Joe Maddon never has been a traditional manager.  Remember, this is the guy who once intentionally walked a man with the bases loaded! But, this year, it’s getting a little nutty in over-achieving Tampa Bay.  The New York Times ran a story last week that detailed the shifting prowess of Maddon — a manager that has shifted his defense more than 150 times already this season, including 29 times in the opening series against the Yankees.  Maddon shifts his defense whether the other team is hitting righties or lefties.  He shifts his defense whether his team is playing the best teams in the...

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5 Tips For Maximizing ROI Of Your FAAB

Posted by on Apr 20, 2012 in Fantasy Baseball 101, Fantasy Baseball Tips | 0 comments

Many fantasy baseball leagues implement Free Agent Acquisition Budgets (FAAB) as a way to level the playing field for acquiring players on waivers and the free agent player pool. ESPN has been offering FAAB as a waiver management option in their free fantasy baseball games since 2010. We’re not sure when Yahoo! and some of the other major game providers began offering it. But thanks to back to back seasons participating in the BBA Blogzkrieg! as members of the fantasy chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance – we’ve gotten quite familiar with the ins and outs of managing FAAB (even if our roto rankings in the league may indicate otherwise). AFTER the jump, you will find five tips for getting the greatest return on investment for your FAAB dollars.  FAAB Tip #1: Pay For Saves At Fantasy Baseball Dugout, we...

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UPS and DOWNS: Adjusting Your Roster in Weekly Leagues

Posted by on Apr 6, 2012 in Fantasy Baseball 101, Fantasy Baseball Tips | 0 comments

Tips on adjusting your roster in weekly fantasy baseball leagues. Many fantasy baseball leagues are set up so that teams accumulate statistics based on the players that are active during that particular week, often a Monday through Sunday week.  Some leagues allow daily changes to be made in the league, but this is often too much for the average fantasy baseball player as most of us don’t really want to bother looking at our rosters every day.  It seems as though Sunday night is the perfect night to make changes since most Sundays are day games and we often have sufficient time on Sunday night to do our homework. Here are some tips to help you make roster adjustments for weekly leagues. Check Games Scheduled Some teams will play 7 games per week and others may only play 6...

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Posted by on Mar 14, 2012 in Fantasy Baseball 101, Fantasy Baseball Games, Fantasy Sports | 6 comments

Ever thought you could Beat the Experts here at Fantasy Baseball Dugout? Well, now is your chance. And, if you are able to beat BatBoy BeeZee and Ballpark Bob in the fantasy baseball league, and win the league, you’ll win a Fantasy Baseball Dugout t-shirt with the Fantasy Baseball Dugout logo and “I Beat the Experts” on it. Here’s how you sign up: Click on the Yahoo banner ad at the top of the site. Join a league: If you want to play head to head, enter League ID# 118324 and the password fbdleague1 If you prefer to play in a rotisserie league, enter League ID 127413 and the password beattheexperts These are mixed fantasy baseball leagues with 16 teams per league broken into 2 divisions.  The division winners and 2 wild cards qualify for the playoffs. So, let’s...

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