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Down & Dirty: Baseball’s Hottest (Looking) Players 2012

Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Hottest Baseball Players | 0 comments

  By Brittany B. We’re at it again – baseball’s sexiest players of 2012.  We’ve narrowed down our top 25, now it’s your turn to rank them.  Just vote here on the Fantasy Baseball Dugout, or if you don’t mind getting texts from us in the future, Text MLBSEXY (space) (number) to 84444  to lock in your vote.   Who is the Sexiest Player in the MLB 2012?Who is the Sexiest Player in the MLB 2012? Adam Wainwright – MLBSEXY 1 Current Team: St. Louis Cardinals Position: Starting Pitcher Why He Makes Top 25: Have you seen his piercing green eyes?  Oh yeah, and he’s 6’ 7”. Alex Rios – MLBSEXY 2 Current Team: Chicago White Sox Position: Outfield Why He Makes Top 25: After striking out 5 times in one game, cursing out a heckler, and refusing to sign...

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Yu Darvish Nude

Posted by on Jan 20, 2012 in Baseball, Hottest Baseball Players | 0 comments

Warning.  The following picture after the jump shows Yu Darvish nude and you should only click on this if you are over 18 and wish to see the picture.  This is not a joke.  Yu Darvish is definitely nude in the picture. I knew you’d look.  This picture will surely put Yu Darvish in the running for our Diamond Studs: Baseball’s Hottest Looking...

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Hot Baseball Players Review

Posted by on Jan 11, 2012 in Hottest Baseball Players | 0 comments

We found this video review of our Hottest Looking Baseball Players on YouTube and decided to share it with...

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Hottest MLB Players

Posted by on Aug 29, 2011 in Hottest Baseball Players | 0 comments

Baseball’s Sexiest Players Fantasy Baseball Dugout has polled its female readers and come up with a list of the top baseball players that it would like to hit a home run with. Fantasy Baseball Dugout’s 2011 edition of Baseball’s Hottest (Looking) Players is now available. Philadelphia – Fantasy Baseball Dugout, a popular fantasy baseball tips and advice site, announces its Baseball’s Hottest Looking Players for 2011. For four years, Fantasy Baseball Dugout ( has been holding its Baseball’s Hottest Wives competition.  It is, by far, the most popular segment of the highly regarded fantasy baseball site run by co-founders BallparkBob and BatBoyBeeZee. “We kept hearing from our female readers that they wanted equal playing time, so we gave it to them,” said Bob Bentz, president of Olympic Internet, the company behind Fantasy Baseball Dugout. Nominations for the hottest looking...

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Baseball Player Look Alikes Part Du

Posted by on Sep 16, 2009 in Baseball News, Hottest Baseball Players | 2 comments

At tonight’s Phillies game, as I was watching Cliff Lee mow down the hapless Washington Nationals, it occurred to me that Phillies’ third baseman Pedro Feliz looks a lot like Chris Rock (I wish I could find the picture of Feliz that they put on the Jumbotron).  Of course, I’ve always thought that Cole Hamels looks like Jim Carrey (yes, I know ladies: Cole is A LOT hotter as evidenced by his second place finish in Baseball’s Hottest Looking Players). Last year, we did a very popular story on Baseball Look Alikes so I figured we’d try it again this season.  After all, most of the best ideas were stolen from an earlier time. Baseball Look Alikes 2009 Pedro Feliz and Chris Rock                 Johnny Damon and Geico Caveman   Derek Jeter...

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Posted by on Jul 10, 2009 in Baseball News, Hottest Baseball Players | 0 comments

The biggest movie news of the summer of 2009? Well, besides Megan Fox in Transformers. It’s not the new Harry Potter and it has nothing to do with a flamingly gay Austrian fashion designer. It’s Moneyball. Columbia Pictures has hired famed writer Aaron Sorkin to do a re-draft of the baseball drama with a new version available in about a month. If you haven’t read Moneyball, then you really aren’t a true baseball afficianado.  The best selling Moneyball, based on Michael Lewis’ account of the Oakland A’s unorthodox approach to evaluating talent, may soon be on the big screen with some star studded A-list actors.  Brad Pitt has said that he’d like to be part of the Moneyball project.  Pitt was to star as former prospect and current A’s GM Billy Beane. Originally, the first script was set to go...

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