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Ibanez Defies Odds

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in 2013 Fantasy Baseball, Baseball Gallery | 0 comments

When your name is mentioned in the same breath as Ted Williams, you must be doing something right. There’s no surprises out there any more with thousands of websites churning out tips and information daily on how to win your fantasy baseball league.  And, as with fantasy baseball, and life in general, finding a diamond in the rough is what will get your team to the fantasy promised land. One such surprise this year was 41-year-old Raul Ibanez.  Ibanez belted his 29th home run of the season on Saturday night.  That long ball is significant because it tied Ted Williams’ all-time record for most homers by a 41-year-old. I must admit.  I didn’t think Ibanez would have the kind of year that he had in 2013.  Raul hit 19 homers last year for the Yankees plus 3 dramatic homers...

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Speed Kills

Posted by on Jul 23, 2013 in 2013 Fantasy Baseball, Baseball Gallery, Fantasy Baseball Infielders | 0 comments

Stolen Bases are Over-Rated in Daily Fantasy Baseball Leagues I don’t care what level of baseball you play or coach at, speed kills.  It puts pressure on the defense and forces errors.  It rattles pitchers.  It helps your team move runners along instead of waiting for the long ball. It’s equally true in fantasy baseball.  Pick up an unproven base stealer like Juan Segura or Starling Marte in the draft and you’ll likely be leading that category.  There is no other offensive stat where one player can dominate like the category of stolen bases. Recently, I read a great post at Fantasy Sports Leader ( that talked about stolen bases, especially in daily leagues where the point totals for a stolen base are usually equal to that of a double!  Fair?  Probably not, but you have to play the...

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