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Fear the Airplane!

Posted by on Apr 4, 2012 in Baseball | 1 comment

Fear the beard! Not sure why Virgin Airlines would want you to fear traveling on its airplane, but apparently Giants’ closer Brian Wilson was the inspiration for Virgin to paint one of its planes in honor of Wilson and the Giants....

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Best Beard in Baseball

Posted by on Mar 29, 2012 in Baseball | 1 comment

    Who has the best beard in baseball?  Let us know in the comments...

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Worst Fielders in Baseball

Posted by on Mar 4, 2012 in Baseball, Fantasy Baseball Catchers, Fantasy Baseball Infielders, Fantasy Baseball Outfielders, Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers | 0 comments

Earlier, we listed the best defensive players in baseball, according to Bill James’ Runs Saved analysis.  Today, we look at the other side–the worst fielders in baseball. James’s analysis looks at the worst fielders at each position, according to runs given up compared to the average fielder at the position.  This is a compilation of statistics for the past three years. Baseball’s Worst Defensive Players FIRST BASE Adam Dunn -31 Paul Konerko -25 Ryan Howard -24 SECOND BASE Dan Uggla -28 Jeff Keppinger -21 Skip Schumaker -21 THIRD BASE Mark Reynolds -38 Michael Young -37 Chris Johnson -31 SHORTSTOPS Yuniesky Betancourt -46 Orlando Cabrera -35 Derek Jeter -29 LEFT FIELD Raul Ibanez -21 Delmon Young -20 Ryan Braun -14 CENTER FIELD Dexter Fowler -18 Vernon Wells -17 Nat McLouth -13 RIGHT FIELD Brad Hawpe -16 Carlos Quentin -16 Michael...

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Baseball’s Best Fielders

Posted by on Mar 4, 2012 in Baseball, Fantasy Baseball Catchers, Fantasy Baseball Infielders, Fantasy Baseball Outfielders, Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers | 4 comments

It doesn’t matter any when it comes to fantasy baseball, but we all know that defense is an integral part of the actual game of baseball.  And, when it comes to defensive ability, you tend to get varying opinions.  That’s because defense is not as easily quantifiable as offensive statistics are. So, when we see somebody like Bill James quantify defensive stats, we have to share them with you.  Here are the Runs Saved leaders over the past three seasons at each defensive position. Top Defensive Players FIRST BASE Daric Barton – 26 Adrian Gonzalez – 18 Albert Pujols – 15 SECOND BASE Ian Kinsler – 46 Ben Zobrist – 43 Aaron Hill – 35 THIRD BASE Adrian Beltre – 48 Evan Longoria – 42 Ryan Zimmerman – 42 SHORTSTOP Brendan Ryan – 65 Yunel Escobar – 37 Troy...

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Dodgers Batboy Gets Tryout

Posted by on Mar 3, 2012 in Baseball | 0 comments

In what may be the feel good story of Spring Training, Dodgers’ bat boy Francisco Herrera is being given a tryout by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now, we aren’t recommending that you rush to your online sportsbook to make a bet on the Dodgers winning the World Series this year because of Herrera, but do think it’s a great story. Dodgers’ pitcher Jon Garland promised Herrera that he’d get a tryout after throwing with him during practice.  Many baseball sites are reporting that Herrera is the starting shortstop on the Los Angeles Valley College team in North Hollywood, but we couldn’t find him on the Monarch’s roster. Ah, who cares?  It’s a great story and if Herrera can keep making catches like this one, who knows?  He is not, however, listed on our fantasy baseball shortstops sleepers for the...

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Taiwan Baseball Video

Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 in Baseball | 0 comments

Here’s an interesting video that we found on You Tube from Advanced Telecom Services. If you don’t speak Taiwanese, the commercial promotes the equivalent of a 900 number promotion for the upcoming baseball...

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