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Why I Hate Baseball’s Replay Challenge Rule

Posted by on Apr 19, 2014 in 2014 Fantasy Baseball | Comments Off on Why I Hate Baseball’s Replay Challenge Rule

It’s the biggest change in baseball since the designated hitter first debuted on April 6, 1973 and since the first night game was played May 24, 1935. It’s baseball’s new replay challenge rule and, while generally a move in the right direction, the way it’s currently used is quite simply, ludicrous.   Replay = Longer Games Games are already long and thanks to the replay challenge rule, games are only getting longer; games are actually 7 minutes longer this year than the longest average game–a record set in 2000.  Less than a month into the season and we all seen it far too often.  Whenever there is a close play, the manager trots very slowly out to talk to the umpire in question.  In some cases, the manager doesn’t even trot; he, kind of, walks.  This is all designed...

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