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About BeeZee

Jonathan Bentz (aka BeeZee here at FBD) graduated from West Virginia University on the four year plan. During those valuable, formative years in Morgantown, he was a stringer and wire contributor for the Associated Press at WVU football and basketball games.

Combining that experience with his love of baseball and obsessive tendency to spend too much time reviewing fantasy teams, Bentz jumped at the chance to join Bob in launching Fantasy Baseball Dugout in February 2008.

Jonathan Bentz’s Work Life

Bentz helped lay the foreground for several start up sports marketing and news companies. When he finished that high quality journalism education at WVU, he joined the marketing team of a four season resort in Western PA from 2006 to ’08. There, he devised the first successful internet marketing campaigns for the resort.

In June 2008, he joined the internet marketing team at ProspectMX in Lancaster, PA. Today, he manages the entire process of taking a client website and improving its online search engine rankings through a variety of web-based services.

Jonathan Bentz’s Personal Stuff

Some say Jay-Z bit his style. Tom Cruise has recently been cast to star in his biopic, due next Christmas.

He bleeds BLUE and GOLD, pay homage to WVU legend Mike Gansey with every 3-ball he swishes, and dreams of being the first whiteboy to dunk a 720.

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