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Welcome to Fantasy Baseball Dugout, the premier location for FREE news and analysis on the world of fantasy baseball.

Our writers have some biases, but they love the game. And they’ll bring you so close to the game of fantasy baseball that you might get spit on.

Live and online since January 2008, Fantasy Baseball Dugout has been featured in some top publications, including: image AJC logo

BatBoy BeeZee, Fantasy Dugout’s Content Director, is a former AP wire contributor in collegiate sports that has been playing and succeeding in both head-to-head and roto baseball for nearly 10 years.

BallParkBob, the brains behind Fantasy Baseball Dugout, is a lifelong baseball fan with over 20 years of business knowledge and experience.

The $ports Dollar calls Fantasy Baseball Dugout “a very well run fantasy baseball site… see a ton of success coming its way. They have constant and news which is key for fantasy baseball players that are looking to make last minute waiver moves.

Both editors hope to develop the top destination for news and analysis on fantasy baseball, one of the most popular fantasy sports on the internet. Fantasy Baseball Dugout will bring you cutting edge news, opinion, and analysis about America’s (Online) National Pastime.

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