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Chase Utley, Scott Kazmir Fantasy Baseball Week 9 Players of the Week

Posted by on Jun 2, 2008 in Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers, Fantasy Baseball Tips | 0 comments

Fantasy Baseball Dugout Player of the Week awards are given to the top statistical hitter and pitcher in fantasy baseball during a normal fantasy baseball week (Monday – Sunday). A standard 5×5 league is used for scoring (runs scored, homeruns, RBI, steals, batting average for hitters; wins, saves, strikeouts, ERA, and WHIP for pitchers). Hitter of the Week: Chase Utley, Second Baseman, Philadelphia Phillies. Utley has been one of the few top draft picks in 2008 to actually fulfill his lofty preseason expectations. Currently rated as the no. 2 overall player in standard 5×5 fantasy baseball leagues behind Astros outfielder Lance Berkman, Utley produced his best week of the season in week 9. Similar to teammate Ryan Howard, who was the top player in fantasy baseball’s week 8, Utley made the most of a limited amount of hits. Chase...

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Chase Utley Is The No. 1 Fantasy Baseball Second Baseman

Posted by on Mar 21, 2008 in Fantasy Baseball Draft, Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Fantasy Baseball Tips | 0 comments

From the Fantasy Baseball Dugout “No $#!+” department- Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies is the top second baseman in the game. Utley had a great season in 2007 despite spending some time on the DL getting hit with a pitch on the hand. FBD expects more great things from Utley in 2008 after the Phillies added some punch to their already potent lineup. Our top 30 second baseman start with Utley, a guaranteed first round selection in your draft this year, and go on from there. B.J. Upton is no. 2, Brandon Phillips is no. 3, and Robinson Cano is no. 4. Check out the rest of our list to see who’s ranked where. Our rankings also include auction market values from...

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Fantasy Baseball Analysis: Ben Revere to the Phillies

Posted by on Dec 9, 2012 in 2013 Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Baseball Outfielders | 0 comments

Phillies fans are quite used to general manager Ruben Amaro making the blockbuster big ticket move.  And, it’s no wonder.  The Phillies pack the stadium every night at Citizen’s Bank Park.  Last year, it’s consecutive sellout record finally came to a halt at 257 games.  Although, quite frankly, there were times when I sat in my season ticket seats in section 117 and saw a lot of empty seats in the upper corners. So, when the Phillies acquired Ben Revere from the Twins this week, knowledgeable Phillies fans were happy, but still hoping to acquire superstar Josh Hamilton.  After all, Revere was described by radio talk show pundits as a “cheaper version of Michael Bourn.”  The move didn’t have Phillies fans rushing to sports betting sites to bet on the Phillies to best the Nationals and Braves this season. Revere...

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Are you a Buyer or a Seller?

Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Fantasy Baseball 101 | 0 comments

Prior to August 1, many MLB teams had to make the tough decision: are we buyers or are we sellers? The Pittsburgh Pirates, second in the National League Central were in the unusual position of actually not being sellers in late July.  Same with the Baltimore Orioles who are competing for a coveted wild card post season position.  Certainly, the addition of the extra wild card team this year has made more teams buyers than in previous seasons. The Philadelphia Phillies, with 5 consecutive NL East championships, were also in an unusual position of being sellers.  In years past, the Phillies used the trading deadline to pick up stars such as Roy Oswalt, Cliff Lee, Hunter Pence, and Joe Blanton.  This year, Blanton was traded to the Dodgers and Philadelphia also had to pare down salary and did so...

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Down & Dirty: Baseball’s Hottest (Looking) Players 2012

Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Hottest Baseball Players | 0 comments

  By Brittany B. We’re at it again – baseball’s sexiest players of 2012.  We’ve narrowed down our top 25, now it’s your turn to rank them.  Just vote here on the Fantasy Baseball Dugout, or if you don’t mind getting texts from us in the future, Text MLBSEXY (space) (number) to 84444  to lock in your vote.   Who is the Sexiest Player in the MLB 2012?Who is the Sexiest Player in the MLB 2012? Adam Wainwright – MLBSEXY 1 Current Team: St. Louis Cardinals Position: Starting Pitcher Why He Makes Top 25: Have you seen his piercing green eyes?  Oh yeah, and he’s 6’ 7”. Alex Rios – MLBSEXY 2 Current Team: Chicago White Sox Position: Outfield Why He Makes Top 25: After striking out 5 times in one game, cursing out a heckler, and refusing to sign...

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