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Do Baseball Fans Have Skin in the Game?

Do Baseball Fans Have Skin in the Game?

Sluggers Wanted at Caesars Online Casino!

Even though it was 25 years ago, die-hard baseball fans likely remember when Pete Rose was banned for life because of his gambling.  This decision upset many baseball fans and some even say that it is time to lift this seemingly archaic ban.  Unfortunately, the MLB is known for their strict anti-gambling laws that many believe are unfair. Take A-Rod as a case in point.  In light of what is currently going on in other sporting leagues like the NFL where players are being charged with domestic violence and child abuse, being punished for gambling seems trivial.  However, the MLB still maintains its stance on gambling and continues to enforce that policy. Hopefully that will change in the future.  Fortunately, baseball fans are not subject to this anti-gambling policy and can enjoy exciting casino games in the off-season or even during the commercial breaks in a game.

Caesars Online Casino: The Perfect Pitch for Baseball Fans

Caesars Online Casino was approved by Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey, to begin operating on November 21st, 2013.  Currently, offers a wide range of online casino games to all players within the state of New Jersey who are at least 21 years old.  Baseball players can enjoy a great selection of games at this online casino including video slots, roulette, blackjack, jackpot slots and video poker.

The beauty of online casino games is that they can be played from anywhere in New Jersey so baseball fans can hit the spin button during a commercial break in the game, or as a rewarding activity after 8 innings have been completed. also has a mobile casino so baseball fans can play on their tablet or smartphone.  Caesars Online Casino is operated by Caesars Interactive Entertainment in New Jersey which is a Boardwalk Regency Corporation affiliate.  The site uses the Canadian-based software platform, Amaya.

The Standard of Quality is the premier New Jersey online casino and is synonymous with high quality games.  It is one of the biggest names in the casino industry and it has taken that knowledge and expertise to New Jersey to offer top-quality casino games for baseball fans and casino players alike.  New Jersey is the East Coast’s leading gambling destination and even though several land-based casinos have closed, has been there to re-establish the industry.  The state of New Jersey was determined to revamp the gaming industry by passing legislation in favor of online gambling. was just one of the operators that was issued a license but it has become a leader in New Jersey’s online gaming arena.

Jackpot Slots at

There are scores of exciting jackpot slots available for play at Caesars Online Casino.  These games are easy to play and best of all they offer larger prizes than standard casino games.  Even if you are new to online casinos you will have no trouble playing these jackpot slots games.  Caesars Atlantic City has paid out millions of dollars in jackpot prizes throughout the years and now players can enjoy massive winnings without leaving home.  These Vegas-style jackpot slots games can easily be accessed with – players just need to log in, choose a game and begin playing.

Progressive jackpot slots are similar to other online slots games but they have an additional prize that gradually increases size as more bets are placed.  You will need to meet certain criteria to win the progressive jackpot.  For instance, some jackpot slots games require you to get a certain combination of symbols while others allow you to win the progressive jackpot during a bonus round.  In any case, if you win the progressive jackpot you could be an instant millionaire.  These exciting games are perfect for baseball fans who enjoy the thrills of winning games.

Caesars Online Casino Jackpot Slots Selection

There are five different jackpot games available for play at including Captain Nemo, Millionaires Club II, Sushi Express, Millionaires Club III and Rags to Riches.  Captain Nemo has a 3-tiered bonus wheel system.  First, the outer wheel must stop on the arrow and then the middle wheel is activated and will begin to spin.  The progressive jackpot is won if the inner-most wheel lands on the jackpot symbol.

Millionaires Club II allows you to win the progressive jackpot in just a single spin.  In order to win, you will need to enter the bonus game where you will be asked to choose a series of gems.  If you choose the right gem and reveal the jackpot symbol you will be taken to the jackpot round where you could be the lucky winner.  Millionaires Club III is similar to Millionaires Club II but in the bonus round you will see 100 diamonds that need to be chosen to reveal jackpot symbols and prizes.  When you choose a jackpot symbol, you will spin the jackpot wheel with the hopes of becoming the next millionaire.

Sushi Express features the Pick a Plate bonus game that allows you to choose plates to get free spins.  During the free spins, you could be the lucky progressive jackpot winner.  Rags to Riches if the final progressive jackpot games at Caesars Online Casino that rewards you with a progressive jackpot for selecting the correct area on a treasure map.

Hitting a Homer at

It is easy to begin playing at Caesars Online Casino.  Players just need to create an account to play for real money.  The registration form will ask for basic information such as email, social security number, address and name so that your identity and age can be verified.  In addition, geolocation technology is used to determine your location.  Alternatively, you can play the games at Caesars Online Casino for free using the free-play mode.  Both real money and free play games are available directly from the browser – there is no download required. With all that said and done – batter up!

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