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Want to Play in the World Series?

Want to Play in the World Series?

Better Spend a lot of Time in the Batting Cage

Musicians will tell you that there’s only one way to make it to Carnegie Hall…practice, practice, practice.

Major League Baseball players would likely have the same thing to say when it comes to playing baseball at a high level.  There’s only one way to get there and that is to practice, practice, practice.

But, baseball, unlike a sport like bowling or basketball, requires you to have somebody else with you and Dad, well he might work a lot or maybe never played the game past Little League.  Baseball, unlike football, requires incredible hand-eye coordination.  You can’t make the all-conference team unless you have it.  After all, we’re not talking lacrosse here.

The only way to become a great hitter is to take a lot of time in the batting cages.  Countless hours swinging the bat to improve bat speed, strength, and really centering the ball on your bat.  It’s nothing but hard work.

I don’t care what team you play on, you are not going to get enough swings at practice.  There’s likely 18 guys on your team and you have a lot to cover at practice.  There usually are not multiple coaches and even if you do have a hitting coach, you likely only have one field to work with.  That’s one field for hitting, fielding, pitching, and team strategy.  What’s going to give?  BP.

How much better would you be if you have a batting cage right in the backyard?  A lot better, I’m sure.  And, like anything you do, the game is a lot more fun when you are good at it.

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