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St. Louis Mayor Says All Bets Are Off

St. Louis Mayor Says All Bets Are Off

Slay Puts an End to the Friendly World Series Wager

St. Louis mayor Francis Slay is quick to say that he’s betting at sports bookmaker bwin on this year’s World Series against the Boston Red Sox.

Betting on the World Series has been a long standing tradition among mayors.  Boston Mayor Tom Menino was certainly game for a little Fall Classic action, but Slay wanted nothing to do with it.

“No mayoral sports bets this post-season. That frees up time of staffers. Plus, it isn’t fair to other mayors,” Slay Tweeted.  I guess there are bigger issues to deal with in St. Louis right about now.

But, not everybody in St. Louis is avoiding wagering action.  In fact, one wager has come from a rather unlikely source.  The Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Boston, and Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis have launched the “Strike Out Trafficking World Series Challenge,” where money donated to the cause during the matchup will go towards the winning team’s hometown.  It’s an attempt to curb sex trafficking the cities.  To add to the ante, the deans of each cathedral have agreed that the losing team’s dean will wear the cap of the winning team during their cathedral’s services the Sunday after the Series concludes.  Ouch!

The King Wasn’t Happy

All of this is nice, but let’s reveal the real reason why Mayor Slay isn’t betting this time around.  In 2011, he made a rather significant political blunder. When the Cardinals beat the Texas Rangers, Slay bet beer from micro-brewery Schlafly’s against the Arlington mayor.  This didn’t go down very well with a particularly large brewery company that employs thousands of St. Louis citizens.  So, Slay is wisely staying away from any wagering this year.

No word, however on whether Slay has placed a bet on the St. Louis Rams for Super Bowl XLIX.  Clearly, it’s likely a safe bet that the hometown Rams won’t be involved in this year’s Super Bowl since they currently stand at 3-4 in a division that includes the mighty Seahawks and 49ers.  In fact, the Rams are 11 point dogs this weekend when they host division leading Seattle.


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