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Speed Kills

Speed Kills

Stolen Bases are Over-Rated in Daily Fantasy Baseball Leagues

I don’t care what level of baseball you play or coach at, speed kills.  It puts pressure on the defense and forces errors.  It rattles pitchers.  It helps your team move runners along instead of waiting for the long ball.

Elvis Andrus fantasy baseball base stealer

Elvis has left the base.

It’s equally true in fantasy baseball.  Pick up an unproven base stealer like Juan Segura or Starling Marte in the draft and you’ll likely be leading that category.  There is no other offensive stat where one player can dominate like the category of stolen bases.

Recently, I read a great post at Fantasy Sports Leader ( that talked about stolen bases, especially in daily leagues where the point totals for a stolen base are usually equal to that of a double!  Fair?  Probably not, but you have to play the game to score the most points.  Add to that premise that the speedster needs to get on base in the first place prior to stealing the base.  That means you get a single and a stolen base which is more points than you’d get with that plodding gap hitter that just laced the double.  And, there’s no doubt which player came cheaper in your draft?

One player you might want to look at is Elvis Andrus.  Andrus has averaged 34 stolen bases per year throughout his career, but last year Elvis fell off to just 22 steals.  He has 19 already this year and appears to be back in his previous form.  Look to trade your gap hitter for a guy like Elvis.  He’s the King.

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