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Mobile Sports App Thuuz Launches Fantasy Baseball Integration

Baseball season is upon us, and hardcore Fantasy league players are starting their player draft and hoping to win their leagues. But once the teams are set, how do the team owners track their fantasy players on the fly, especially if they have multiple teams or teams on different Fantasy sites? With the free Fantasy Baseball Beta now available on Thuuz Sports app for iOS and Android, users can automatically import their fantasy players, track player performances, and never miss those exciting, point-scoring moments.

“Thuuz apps are all about making sure our users never miss an exciting moment in sports,” says Thuuz CEO Warren Packard. “Fantasy owners have their favorite teams and sports like any other fan, but they also get excited about games based on the performance of their Fantasy players. Having a single app that can keep you up-to-date on your sports as a fan and as a Fantasy team owner is an entirely unique value proposition.”

Owners can track their fantasy players’ status in three ways:  through their Thuuz Feed; on the dedicated Fantasy Tab; and through Thuuz notifications. Features include:

  • Track real-time stat performance of all their players by team within Thuuz
  • Receive tune-in information when it’s worth tuning into a great performance
  • Receive “in scoring position” alerts and feed updates
  • Receive “hot player” alerts and feed updates
  • Receive “fantasy match up” alerts and feed updates
  • Automatically import any fantasy players from ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, and others

The Thuuz app also allows Fantasy teams owners to follow some of the best and brightest baseball and fantasy baseball experts to give insights and analysis during live games.

For more information on Thuuz, please visit You can also find them on Facebook at, and you can follow Thuuz on Twitter @Thuuz.

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