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Cubs vs. Cardinals: The Real Top Rivalry in Baseball [Guest Post]

Who cares about the Yankees versus the Red Sox? The rivalry between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs extends back at least 100 years.

Here are some reasons why baseball’s top rivalry isn’t on the East or West coast, it is smack dab in the heart of America.

Historic franchises

The Cardinals and Cubs, in one form or another, have been around since as far back as the 1870s. The Cubs currently hold a slight edge in the history of this series that includes over 2,000 total games. They have now been joined for many years as division rivals, practically down the street from one another.

Route 66/I-55

Touted each year as the Route 66 or I-55 Series, the Cardinals and Cubs are separated by a mere 300 miles. Fans of each team flock to the other’s ballpark to view this rivalry every year. A typical bookstore will have more than a handful of books devoted to the history of this storied rivalry.

McGwire and Sosa

The steroid debate aside, these two guys brought the rivalry to a personal level in 1998. St. Louis’s McGwire and Chicago’s Sosa dueled all summer long to determine who would be the first to break the single season HR record held by Roger Maris. They both ended up breaking it, but McGwire came out on top.

Bashing a former team

In December of 2010, Ryan Theriot officially ceased being a Cub and became a Cardinal. He wasted no time starting a little trash-talking as he told a local radio station that he was happy to finally be playing for the “right side” in the rivalry. He played shortstop for the Cubs for two years, and they won the division both years.

Division foes

These two rivals have been situated in the same division for as long as they have been around, so this battle has waged for at least 100 years. They have each had some recent success with the Cubs winning consecutive NL Central crowns the year after the Cardinals had captured the World Series. It wouldn’t be the NL Central if these two powerhouses weren’t battling for supremacy.

Who gets the last laugh?

The Cubs may be laughing after next season if free-agent-to-be Albert Pujols bolts the Cardinals to sign with the Cubs 300 miles further up the road.

However, Cardinal fans say it won’t matter, and that no matter which superstars they obtain, the Cubs will always be “useless by September.”

Welcome to one of the best rivalries in the sports universe.

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