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Breaking Down The 4 Bobbleheads On Dwight Schrute’s Desk

The season premiere of the final season of “The Office” is scheduled to air tomorrow night, 9pm EST. Dwight Schrute’s desk on “The Office” features four bobbleheads – one self-serving, two Philadelphia Phillies, and one college basketball legend.

We know you’re just dying to know what they are. Learn everything there is to know about the bobbleheads on Dwight’s desk AFTER the jump… 

Dwight Schrute Desk Bobblehead No. 1: Dwight Schrute

One of them is the Dwight Schrute bobble head, which was a gift from Angela Martin, whom he had a relationship in season two of the series. It depicts the character in a coat and tie with eyeglasses and the usual parted hair in the middle. Anyone who knows, and perhaps likes the character, would find it a good addition to his or her table.

The bobble head may symbolize someone who is a bit geeky, yet has a penchant for martial arts, especially karate. It can be a good conversational piece during an office break.

Dwight Schrute Desk Bobblehead No. 2: Mike Lieberthal, C, Philadelphia Phillies

The other bobble head that he owns is one of Michael Scott “Mike” Lieberthal. He is a Major League Baseball catcher who played for the Philadelphia Phillies and the Los Angeles Dodgers. His batting percentage as well as his 150 career home runs earned him a spot in the Philadelphia Baseball Wall of Fame just recently.

The bobble head on Schrute’s desk wears a number seven jersey which Lieberthal wore when he was still with the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Red Barrons, an affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. Other bobble heads of Lieberthal are also available, with him wearing a batting helmet and a different uniform.

Dwight Schrute Desk Bobblehead No. 3: John Kruk

Another bobble head on Dwight Schrute’s desk is that of John Martin Kruk, another Major League Baseball player. Kruk took first base or the outfield when he played.  He started professionally with the San Diego Padres, was later traded on to the Philadelphia Phillies and later played for the Chicago White Sox.  When he retired, he wrote a book and became a baseball analyst and columnist. On top of that, he also appeared in some films both on the big screen and television. He also appeared in a music video.

Because of his achievements when he was still a baseball player, he is one of the many sports stars who have their own bobble heads.

Dwight Schrute Desk Bobblehead No. 4: Gerry McNamara

Rounding out the athletic bobble heads on Schrute’s desk is a nodder of Gerry McNamara. It was the latest addition to Schrute’s bobble head collection — added in the fourth season. McNamara is a basketball player who was part of Team USA in 2005, representing the US in the World University Games. That team took home the gold with the competition being held in Izmir, Turkey.

He used to be the guard for the Syracuse Orange basketball team, and is currently the assistant coach of the Syracuse University men’s basketball team.

Bobble heads make a truly good present for co-workers. As with Angela Martin, it can be a good choice for giving, instead of the usual pen, neckties, handkerchiefs or desk organizers. It can be a good conversation piece, a figure that tells of the occupant’s or owners interests or a desk décor. It can also make a good paper weight. Owners will be thankful that they are around since they make good companions when one is simply bored, killing the time or just want to have a fun time even at their home office desks.

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