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SPLITTER: Baseball Hot Wife Hall of Famer Anna Benson Divorcing

Anna Benson divorce

SPLIT SQUAD: Baseball Wives star Anna Benson and husband Kris are getting divorced.

When it comes to baseball hot wives, there may be none more in the spotlight in the last decade than Anna Benson.

Anna Benson, wife of ex-MLB pitcher Kris Benson, once said that she’d sleep with the entire Mets team if husband Kris ever had an affair.  Now, it appears as though Kris has beat her to the punch by hooking up with one of Anna’s best friends, thus prompting the divorce proceedings.

“The two of them instantly started having an affair,” said Benson. “It started with sexy text messages and that kind of stuff. [My friend and I] were very close. Her mother was my nanny during ‘Baseball Wives’ – that’s how close we were.”

“She and Kris are both denying the affair, saying it was just ‘inappropriate talk,’” said Benson. “But I picked up his iPad and and I hit the Facebook button and looked at his inbox messages, and there were all of these sexy messages between them. And you just don’t talk with somebody like that that you’re not having sex with.”  Yeah, that old it’s just sexting excuse doesn’t seem to work any more.

Anna Benson was an annual entry into our Baseball’s Hottest Wives competition dating back to 2008 until Kris Benson retired from baseball, thus making Anna ineligible.  Anna picked up her game and began starring in the television series Baseball Wives that also starred Shayla Pert Farnsworth.


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