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Single Game Betting

Brandon Morrow

Brandon Morrow - Toronto Blue Jays

Right now, many nations are doing what they can to stimulate their economies in the wake of the global economic crisis. Many nations are taking a watchful eye to their current practices to see where they can possibly find sectors that can be expanded creating more jobs as well as bringing additional revenue into the country. The country of Canada is doing just that. Currently, a bill is being sponsored that will change some archaic practices in regards to single game betting.
As it stands now, single game betting is expressly forbidding within Canada. Citizens are unable to place sport bets on single sporting events. This includes popular sports such as baseball. What makes the situation even more interesting is that while single game betting is illegal; betting on multiple sporting games is not. Many argue that changing the law really isn’t legalizing a practice that is any more than what’s currently being practice now. Also, many point out that if people really want to place single game sports bets are circumventing the law and doing so at online casinos. These casinos are different to ones that only offer casino games such as Lucky Nugget.
Given the nonsensical nature of this law, there is currently a bill that is being sponsored by Senator Bob Runciman from Ontario. This bill aims to amending the Criminal Code to permit single game betting for all sports. The present code will allow single event wagers for horse races. This is part of the country’s pari-mutuel system.
While the practice of single game wagering will continue on with or without legalization, the government of Canada might as well profit from it. In 2011, the Canada Gaming Commission reported that single game betting could create an estimated 250 jobs in the border locations between the United States. This would also lead to great revenue in some cases as much as a quarter million dollars.

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