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Using Fantasy Baseball To Cast A ‘Final Vote’

Now that the 17-starters have been selected for the 2012 All-Star Game and the useless Home Run Derby fan vote is over with… there’s still time to vote for two more All-Stars.

5 AL and 5 NL players have been selected for the All-Star Final Vote. If you voted with your heart and not with your head (looking at you, Kung Fu Panda-voters) for the ASG starters, the time is now to use the roto-side of your brain to select the most-deserving players for the Final Vote.

If you think about it, there really isn’t a better way to vote for All-Stars then by using the simple logic of fantasy baseball. If you scroll position by position in your league’s player rankings, it’s very cut and dry who rightfully deserves to be voted an All-Star, each year. Past performance doesn’t matter in fantasy baseball. Sentiment doesn’t matter in fantasy baseball. The bias of the casual fan or idiot fan who blindly votes for guys like Pablo Sandoval is taken out of the equation, also.

When it comes to the Final Vote, the process of narrowing down the finalists is made even EASIER when you use fantasy baseball. With 10 players to choose from, simply access each players overall season ranking. Whoever has the highest ranking in each league gets your vote.

AFTER the jump, take a look at our selections for the 2012 All-Star Final Vote… 


2012 AL All-Star Final Vote Selection

Jake Peavy, SP, Chicago White Sox. Over the weekend during our regular spot on the Spadora On Sports radio show, I named Peavy on my list of AL pitchers who undoubtedly belonged on the All-Star team this season. After several years of half-seasons since getting dealt to the White Sox in ’09, Peavy has tossed 4 complete games (tops in the AL) and is currently 4th in innings while also having returned to his Cy Young-worthy self in spite of his 6-5 record.

With 101 strikeouts, a sub-3.00 ERA and sub-1.00 WHIP on the year, Peavy is currently the no. 33 overall player in fantasy baseball, according to Yahoo!

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2012 NL Final Vote All-Star Selection

Michael Bourn, OF, Atlanta Braves. The baseball fan in all of us likely wants to see Bryce Harper get the nod in the National League for the Final Vote. Even most Braves fans are probably casting their Final Vote for 400-home run clubber Chipper Jones. But when fantasy stats are being used as the metric for voting, Michael Bourn is the most worthy of the votes. Since getting dealt to Atlanta at the trade deadline last season, Bourn has stolen 44 bases in just over 130 games. He’s currently 2nd in the NL in steals and 3rd in the NL in runs and is likely a front runner for his 3rd straight Gold Glove.

On the year, he’s batting .304 with a career-high 7 home runs, 29 RBI, 53 runs and 23 steals. Bourn is currently the no. 22 overall player in fantasy baseball, according to Yahoo!

Help us get the word out on voting for Bourn by using the hashtag #VoteBourn on Twitter. Don’t wait – Vote Online For Bourn NOW.

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