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Baseball’s Hottest Wives Nominee: Susannah Higgins

Mitch Moreland of the Rangers married Savannah Higgins in November, 2011, apparently a big month for MLB star weddings.  You can read more about the Moreland’s wedding here.

Mitch Moreland wife Sussannah

Mitch Moreland and Susannah


Mitch Moreland wife

Mitch Moreland and Sussanah Higgins


Moreland's Rangers wives

Rangers wives include Sussanah Higgins


Mitch Moreland and wife

Mitch Moreland with hot wife Susannah

See their wedding pictures after the jump.

Susannah Moreland

HIT: Susannah and Mitch exchange vows.


Mitch Moreland and wife


Mitch Moreland kissing wife.

KISS IT GOODBYE: Mitch Moreland kisses his beautiful wife.

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