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Baseball’s Hottest Wives Nominee: Ronny Cedeno’s Wife Aura Avila

Mets’ infielder Ronny Cedeno is a marginal fantasy baseball player, but he hits well over .300 with his hot wife Aura Avila–a Venezuelan model.

We think you’ll enjoy this up close and personal look at Ronny Cedeno’s wife Aura Avila.

Aura Avila

Ronny Cedeno's wife Aura Avila


Aura Avila

PLAY BALL: Aura Avila Cedeno


Ronny Cedeno's wife

Ronny Cedeno's hot wife Aura Avila

<See even hotter (if that’s possible) pictures of Ronny Cedeno’s wife Aura Avila after the jump.>

Aura Avila sexy pics

Aura Avila


Aura Avila

Aura Avila, wife of Ronny Cedeno.


sexy bikini aura avila

Aura Avila sexy pictures


Aura Avila

HIT: Aura Avila nominated for Baseball's Hottest Wife 2012

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