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Come Back Soon

Pitchers Andrew Cashner and Drew Pomeranz may have been sent back to the minors, but I wouldn’t give up on either of them yet.


Andrew Cashner

The Padres thought enough of Andrew Cashner to give up Anthony Rizzo for him.

Andrew Cashner, Padres

CASH IN: Andrew Cashner will return to San Diego as a starter.

Cashner took over the set up role in San Diego and when called on to close, he failed to convert on any of the 4 save chances that the Padres gave him.  So, when Eric Stults went on the DL, Cashner was actually called on to start an early June game, despite the fact that he hadn’t thrown more than 30 pitches in any outing this year.

It’s not that unusual, however, for Cashner.  He was as starter in the Cubs minor league system before Chicago figured his high 90’s fastball, that sometimes reached the 100 MPH club, was more conducive to being a reliever.  The problem in San Diego, however, is that Padres are desperate to find another starting pitcher for the rotation.  Hence, Cashner has been sent to the minors in an effort to stretch him out for an eventual return to the San Diego starting rotation.  He’ll also need to work on his iffy off-speed stuff while in the Bush Leagues to become an effective starter.

Fantasy Baseball Projection: Andrew Cashner — He’ll be back and pitching in a friendly park at Petco.  Now is not the time to give up on Cashner.  He’ll clearly return and be more valuable in a starters role than he was for you as a setup man.


Drew Pomeranz

Drew Pomeranz

ROCKY START: But Pomeranz will be back in the rotation soon.

Drew Pomeranz was one who got a lot of attention in your 2012 fantasy baseball draft as a pitching sleeper, but his stint with the Diamondbacks didn’t last very long.  Pomeranz was shipped out in May in an attempt to clean up some mechanical issues.  The Rockies want him to use a higher arm slot for better control of his curve ball.

Pomeranz had an appendectomy in August last year and after returning, he dropped to a three-quarters arm slot which caused him to rely more on his cutter than his powerful fastball.

Fantasy Baseball Projection: Drew Pomeranz — Expect Drew Pomeranz to be back up in the MLB soon.  He was the jewel in the Ubaldo Jimenez trade and won’t be kept down for too long.  If you’re not sure how long, follow Drew Pomeranz on Twitter to keep up with his own insights.

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