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Best Fantasy Baseball Tips

We asked for fantasy baseball tips from some of the experts out there and came up with a lot of great tips for you.  Here’s just a few of our favorites.

Matt Kemp, fantasy baseball stud

ROARING START: Matt Kemp and his 2012 start likely fits the profile of the players that a 2x national fantasy champion would advocate drafting.

Everyone tries to build a solid foundation with their first pick, but astute fantasy players go beyond that to build a rock-solid foundation.  My LABR League partner Shawn Childs advocates that you shold try to get 75 Home Runs and 75 Stolen Bases with your first three picks.  The NFBC’s $100,000 champion, Lindy Hinkelman, takes it one step further by trying for 100 HRs and 100 SBs with his first four offensive picks, while taking two top Starting Pitchers among his first six picks.  Who am I to argue with those solid fantasy players?  I’m going with balance on offense and a rock-solid starting rotation with my first six picks and building a championship team from there and so should you.

Greg Ambrosius
National Fantasy Baseball  Championship
Don’t get caught running away with 1st place in any category.  If you are 25 steals ahead of your closest competitor on May 1 and 50 steals ahead on June 1, trade one of your base-stealers to a competitor who needs the most help in that category and who is not a threat to overtake you in the overall standings.  In return, get a player who will boost your numbers in other categories.  As a result, you probably will still finish the season in 1st place in steals, while at the same time improving your ranking in other categories.
B.J. Rudell
2x national Sporting News fantasy baseball champion
Author — Fantasy Football for Winners
Don’t buy into “pitchers win championships,” because that doesn’t hold to be true in fantasy!  Also, don’t worry about defense.  Fantasy is all about offense.  Look at your league’s rules and scoring system.  All leagues are different so don’t assume that Matthew Berry or Eric Karabell have it right!  Adjust it to YOUR favor!  Grab offensive stars!
Nick Mandarano
Blog Talk Radio — 30 Minutes of Madness
Find the right mix of players for your team by combining high variance/high reward players with lower variance/lower reward players to get the right balance of point production and consistency.
Use the Pythagorean Expectation formula to gauge if your team is winning or losing match-ups due to luck or if the wins and losses are consistent with your team’s performance.
<Editor’s Note — This guy is obviously much smarter than I am.  Read more about John as he goes into amazing detail on how to apply many of the same techniques used by sophisticated investors (called Modern Portfolio Theory) to make strategic investments in fantasy players that consistently result in the best possible choice for success.
John Hitchings
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