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Best Ballpark Food

There’s nothing like the food at a ballpark.  Yes, eating it is not going to make any of us more healthy, but you have to love some of the smells around the ballpark.  Here’s some of the more interesting ballpark food that we’ve seen thus far this season.

These are our must-eat foods in Major League ballparks for the 2012 season.  Be sure to wash them down with our top baseball park go-to beers from other stadiums around the league.

Whatever happened to “peanuts and cracker jack?”


Dodger Dog with Macaroni & Cheese

BLEED BLUE: In the stomach with this Dodger Dog topped with macaroni and cheese and, or course, Fritos.


Pizza from Philadelphia Phillies

Phillies Pizza: Hey, isn't Philly the place for cheesesteaks?


Rangers Broom Stick Dog

CARRY A BIG STICK: The Broomstick Dog in Texas is a 2 foot, 1 pound hot dog that costs a mere $26.


Washington Nationals Strasburger

The Strasburger is the Nationals newest heart attack inducing delight. At $59, this mega-burger is designed to feed 8 people and comes with a healthy order of fries and a pitcher of soda.

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