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UPS and DOWNS: Adjusting Your Roster in Weekly Leagues

Tips on adjusting your roster in weekly fantasy baseball leagues.

Many fantasy baseball leagues are set up so that teams accumulate statistics based on the players that are active during that particular week, often a Monday through Sunday week.  Some leagues allow daily changes to be made in the league, but this is often too much for the average fantasy baseball player as most of us don’t really want to bother looking at our rosters every day.  It seems as though Sunday night is the perfect night to make changes since most Sundays are day games and we often have sufficient time on Sunday night to do our homework.

Carlos Ruiz Phillies

Carlos Ruiz is hot: 3 for 3 on opening day.

Here are some tips to help you make roster adjustments for weekly leagues.

Check Games Scheduled

Some teams will play 7 games per week and others may only play 6 some weeks.  This is possibly the single most important factor and its the first thing I check each week prior to determining my starting lineup.

Check the Weather

You don’t have to worry about it in Miami anymore, but if there’s a big storm in a particular part of the country, that may mean a rainout for your player and a rainout means that player scores you no points.

Matchups are Everything

Go to your favorite site and take a look at who your team is playing that week.  Make your roster moves according to the strength of the opponent and if you are playing home or away.  AccuScore is a great resource for projecting statistics for all fantasy baseball players for the upcoming week.  AccuScore is for managers that like to play it scientifically rather than by hunches.  They’ll even break down the stats by saying that a particular player is anticipated to have 21.4 at bats that week!

Pitching, Pitching, Pitching

Take a look at who your platoon players will be facing on the mound.  Make adjustments based on that.  If, for example, your left-handed hitting platoon player is scheduled to face 4 opposing lefties that week, you may want to opt for another player in your starting lineup that week.

Two Start Pitchers

Keep at least one spot on your roster available for middling starting pitchers.  It’s almost always better to go with a middling starting pitcher who will be making two starts that week.  This is known in fantasy baseball as streaming pitchers and is one of the best strategies an active fantasy baseball manager can make.

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

Always go with the player that’s hot rather than the players that’s due, if simply for the fact that you’ll regret it more next week if you don’t follow this strategy.

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