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Phillies, Yankees Place 4 Each on Top 20 Jerseys List

According to, here are the top selling Major League Baseball jerseys.  No surprise that the Phillies and Yankees both put 4 players on the top selling jerseys list, especially given that they were the two teams with the most loyal fans, according to this article.

1. Derek Jeter, Yankees

Derek Jeter's jersey

Top Selling Jersey: Derek Jeter

2. Cliff Lee, Phillies

3. Albert Pujols, Angels

4. Josh Hamilton, Rangers

5. Roy Halladay, Phillies

6. Tim Lincecum, Giants

7. Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox

8. Ryan Braun, Brewers

9. Hunter Pence, Phillies

10. Buster Posey, Giants

11. Chase Utley, Phillies

12. Joe Mauer, Twins

13. Justin Verlander, Tigers

14. Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox

15. Alex Rodriguez, Yankees

16. Ian Kinsler, Rangers

17. Robinson Cano, Yankees

18. Mariano Rivera, Yankees

19. Carl Crawford, Red Sox

20. David Freese, Cardinals

Interestingly, the top two ranked players in fantasy baseball, Miguel Cabrera and Jose Bautista, do not have jerseys ranked in the top 20 best selling shirts.

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