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Ever thought you could Beat the Experts here at Fantasy Baseball Dugout?

Jonathan Bentz

BatBoy BeeZee is one of the experts to beat here at Fantasy Baseball Dugout.

Well, now is your chance.

And, if you are able to beat BatBoy BeeZee and Ballpark Bob in the fantasy baseball league, and win the league, you’ll win a Fantasy Baseball Dugout t-shirt with the Fantasy Baseball Dugout logo and “I Beat the Experts” on it.

Here’s how you sign up:

  1. Click on the Yahoo banner ad at the top of the site.
  2. Join a league:
  3. If you want to play head to head, enter League ID# 118324 and the password fbdleague1
  4. If you prefer to play in a rotisserie league, enter League ID 127413 and the password beattheexperts

These are mixed fantasy baseball leagues with 16 teams per league broken into 2 divisions.  The division winners and 2 wild cards qualify for the playoffs.

So, let’s see what you got rookie.  Sign up for one of the Fantasy Baseball Dugout leagues today.

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