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Top 27 Players Turning 27 In 2012

evan longoria turning 27

There’s a popular theory in sabermetric circles that MLB players enter their years of peak statistical performance when they turn the age of 27. Technically, the age range of peak performance for MLB players is somewhere between 26 and 32. During this time period, a man is physically at his peak. The combination of physical peakness coupled with the repetition of swinging motions and pitch motion practice lead to outstanding statistical performance during these seasons.

We aren’t the only believers in this theory. For some examples of recent memory for those skeptics, we point to the 2011 quality statistical campaigns players like almost MVP Matt Kemp, Royals 3-bagger Alex Gordon, and D-backs starter Ian Kennedy each put together the year they turned 27.

So, assuming all of this “age 27” stuff is true, its probably a good idea to move players up in your fantasy baseball rankings who will be turning 27 in 2011. These guys could provide you good value at their respective draft positions, and isn’t that what it’s really all about? As these guys blow out the candles, your fantasy team could be in for a major boost in performance this season.

Below are the top 27 players currently in the Majors born in 1985 and therefore, turning 27 in 2012. We’ve taken ADP into consideration from Mock Draft Central and then ranked players based on who – in our opinion – will provide the most fantasy value for their spot in the upcoming season.

Let the debating begin. Rankings begin after the jump. 

2012’s Top 27 Turning 27

  1. Evan Longoria, 3B, Tampa Bay Rays
  2. Carlos Gonzalez, OF, Colorado Rockies
  3. David Price, SP, Tampa Bay Rays
  4. Adam Jones, OF, Baltimore Orioles
  5. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS, Cleveland Indians
  6. Gio Gonzalez, SP, Washington Nationals
  7. Jonny Venters, RP, Atlanta Braves
  8. Neil Walker, 2B, Pittsburgh Pirates
  9. Tyler Clippard, RP, Washington Nationals
  10. Cory Luebke, SP/RP, San Diego Padres
  11. John Danks, SP, Chicago White Sox
  12. Emilio Bonifacio, 2B, Miami Marlins
  13. Mat Gamel, 3B, Milwaukee Brewers
  14. Justin Masterson, SP, Cleveland Indians
  15. Delmon Young, OF, Detroit Tigers
  16. Chris Perez, RP, Cleveland Indians
  17. Ian Desmond, SS, Washington Nationals
  18. Mark Melancon, RP, Boston Red Sox
  19. Bud Norris, SP, Houston Astros
  20. Sean Rodriguez, 2B, Tampa Bay Rays
  21. Chris Coghlan, OF, Miami Marlins
  22. Ian Stewart, 3B, Chicago Cubs
  23. Dan Bard, RP, Boston Red Sox
  24. Mitch Moreland, 1B, Texas Rangers
  25. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C, Boston Red Sox
  26. Wade Davis, SP, Tampa Bay Rays
  27. Zack Cozart, SS, Cincinnati Reds

Is there someone we missed? Do we have someone ranked too high/too low? Let us know in the comments below.

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