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5 Awesome iPhone Apps for Baseball Fans

If you are a pro baseball fan, then you know how important it is to keep up with all the action during baseball season. Because you can’t be at every game (and sometimes can’t even watch every game), iPhone features bevy of apps available in the app store that will help you get your baseball fix. Here are five awesome iPhone apps for pro baseball fans:

MLB at Bat. This app allows you to stream this season’s baseball games live, so you can watch or listen to them while out and about in order to get real-time, play by play commentary as the game goes. It also provides complete access to your MLB.TV account from your iPhone, has a searchable video database of baseball games and clips from the past, details player stats and game scores, and even details game highlights. If the $15 price tag seems a bit too much, you can opt for the free version and forego the audio and video.

Ballpark Envi. Explore every major baseball stadium in the nation with Ballpark Envi. This app is not only a handy and interesting way to learn about the arenas where it all happens, but the stadium maps and seating charts are perfect tools to use when booking tickets. Barkpark Envi will set you back $0.99.

To learn more about 3 other awesome iPhone Apps for baseball fans – 

ESPN Radio. For a mere $2.99, you will have access to seventeen local ESPN stations, plus the national ESPN radio station, right at your fingertips. There is even a database of ESPN podcasts to listen to. Using ESPN radio, you can stream radio programs, podcasts, and even live games through your iPhone (using mobile Safari) while also using your iPhone for other tasks like email and text.

Pro Baseball Live! Follow news of both American and National pro baseball leagues using this free app, which also interfaces with Twitter to allow you to view baseball-related tweets from all the playmakers in real-time.

iScore Baseball Scorekeeper. Keep track of the score records for this baseball season using iScore, an app known for its great, easy-to-use interface and sleek design. This app asks you for all of the pertinent information required for a thorough account of how each team stacked up, and features an interactive set of tutorials for those new to baseball scorekeeping who don’t yet know the lingo. Priced at $10, iScore Baseball Scorekeeper is actually a reasonable buy, considering you’d pay at least $5 for a baseball scorebook.

Here you have it: the five apps you need to accompany you through this baseball season. With these tools, you can get the most out of your fandom, no matter where you are or what you are doing.


About the Author: Deborah Dancel is a health and wellness advocate and a HUGE fan of baseball. She loves sneaking peek at her phone throughout the day to keep tabs on spring training updates. When she’s actually working, she enjoys writing about women’s health, yeast infection issues, children’s health, and eye care.


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