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Players with the Most Days on the DL – Last 5 Years

When it comes to fantasy baseball, there’s nothing more frustrating than having holes in your lineup due to injury.  So, if you are concerned about ending up with a bunch of goose eggs in your lineup, it would make sense to avoid these players who have spent the most time on the disabled list from 2007 – 2011.

Eric Chavez Yankees

Eric Chavez, New York Yankees

  1. Just Duschscherer – 669
  2. Joel Zumaya – 622
  3. Dustin McGowan – 610
  4. Eric Chavez – 600
  5. Kelvim Escobar – 568
  6. Chien-Ming Wang – 560
  7. Brandon Webb – 548
  8. Chris Young – 547
  9. Eric Hurley – 522
  10. Jason Schmidt – 511


Clearly, if you are a pitcher, you are far more likely to end up injured than if you are a position player.  Unless, of course, you are Eric Chavez of the Athletics and Yankees.  Chavez has been on the DL for 600 days in the past five years.  Once a 34 home run guy, Chavez has hit just 5 homers in the past 4 seasons.

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