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The Top 5 Utility-Only Hitter Rankings


david ortiz fantasy baseball util
Now that we’ve broken down all the major traditional positions in fantasy baseball, it only makes sense to get our hands dirty by putting rankings together for some “non-traditional” fantasy baseball positions.

Typically, the utility/DH position in fantasy baseball is open to be filled by any hitter from the player universe. There are some hitters, however, who are only eligible as UTIL’s or DH. Normally these guys are DH’s and come solely from the American League.

If you come across these guys in your draft, you should generally mentally reduce their value. Most UTIL-only players don’t produce three straight 40+ homer seasons like David Ortiz did from ’04-’06 or hit for a batting title-worthy high average like Edgar Martinez did for the majority of his career.

Like most DH-only fantasy baseball lists, David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox tops our list. Last season, he hit .309 with 29 homers… he even STOLE a base! Big Papi’s power numbers – even though down – are more than enough for him to lock down the no. 1 spot in our DH rankings.

Get analysis on our no. 2 ranked UTIL/DH-only hitter, plus our top 5 rankings AFTER the jump… 

Royals DH Billy Butler is a more well-rounded hitter, but he doesn’t really give you the power numbers that Papi does. Take Butler as an alternative DH-only because he’s a lock to help you with the batting average category. Butler makes a great no. 1 bench player in most mixed leagues.

See below for our top 5 utility and DH-only eligible players for the 2012 fantasy baseball season.

  1. David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox
  2. Billy Butler, Kansas City Royals
  3. Vladimir Guerrero, Free Agent (yeah a free agent in the top 3!)
  4. Travis Hafner, Cleveland Indians
  5. Johnny Damon, Free Agent (yeah, another free agent made the Top 5!)

Have you reviewed our DH-only ranking? What’s your take? Let us know in the comments below!

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