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Baseball Reporter Hazel Mae Photo Gallery

By the looks of our Google Analytics logs, you guys certainly do love Hazel Mae.  In fact, she is the most searched for sideline hottie on our site.

So, in our continuing effort to bring you solid fantasy baseball tips and the hottest women in baseball, we give you more sexy pics of Hazel Mae.


Hazel Mae

Hazel Mae

Hazel Mae nice butt

Hazel Mae talkin' baseball

<See more sexy pics of Hazel Mae after the jump.>

Hazel Mae with James Loney

Hazel Mae with James Loney


Hazel Mae nude not

That is not Hazel Mae nude, but it does make you wonder how there are 21 reporters hotter than her.


Hazel Mae drinking beer

You gotta' love a pretty girl who loves baseball and beer.

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