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Draft Strategy for Fantasy Baseball

Carlos Pena fantasy baseball

GOLD: Carlos Pena's gold glove, hot wife, or 101 walks won't help you much in fantasy baseball.

Moneyball may have been nominated for Picture of the Year, but so what?

Fantasy baseball is not Moneyball.

More league commissioners are continuing to try to make fantasy baseball more like Moneyball, more like real baseball.

Give it up.  It’s not real baseball and it never will be.

Yeah, it would be nice if J.J. Hardy got bonus points for his fielding percentage and range factor, but he doesn’t.  It’s just too difficult to incorporate fielding stats into your fantasy baseball league.

It would be great if Carlos Pena got Moneyball bonus points, a la Scott Hattieberg, for his 101 walks for the Cubs last year, but he doesn’t.  All fantasy baseball managers get from Pena’s keen eye is a few more runs scored and a lot less chances to add to his 28 home runs he hit last year.

Live with it.

Read Ballpark Bob’s fantasy baseball draft strategy, by clicking the link here.  It may be the best click you make prior to your upcoming fantasy baseball draft.


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