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Top 5 Streaming Baseball Apps For Android And iOS

Editor’s Note: Today’s post was submitted by tech writer EJ Parfitt. He has been writing for a short time now and has already picked up steam with several tech websites and local news sites. During his free time , you’re sure to catch him competing in local chess tournaments in downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Training camps have opened up and baseball season is just around the corner. A number of stories will be worth following in Major League Baseball this season, including Albert Pujols’ first season as an Angel. You don’t want to miss a minute of the action, and if you have a smartphone you don’t have to. Here are five great apps that let you stream video or radio broadcasts of MLB games.

MLB At Bat 111. At Bat 11: The hook for MLB At Bat is that you can “watch every pitch from every at bat.” As an official app from Major League Baseball, it delivers a rich user experience with all the content you could ask for. Live streaming video is available, as well as home and away broadcasts for each game. Even if you aren’t in a position to watch or listen to the games, MLB At Bat 11 features a pitch-by-pitch tracker to let you follow the action at a glance. MLB At Bat 11 also gives you condensed games and video clips, letting you check other highlights from around the league at a glance.

For four other great streaming baseball apps – 

ESPN radio app2.  ESPN Radio: With ESPN Radio, you can listen to ESPN’s main radio programming as well as all of their affiliate stations in different markets throughout the US. This includes coverage on other sports, but what you should focus on is that their coverage includes MLB. You’ll get the most out of this baseball season with ESPN Radio, and you’ll get coverage on other sports as an added bonus.

3.  SiriusXM: For several years, SiriusXM has had a deal in place to air radio broadcasts of every MLB game. If you’re a SiriusXM subscriber, download this free app and link it with your account. You’ll have satellite radio everywhere you go, including access to MLB broadcasts for every game. Sure, satellite radio isn’t quite as full-fledged as satellite TV, but it still lets you hear the games in pristine audio. Another major benefit of the app is its unique feature to let you rewind stations to points before you even tuned in.

4.  Yahoo! Sportacular Pro: Similar to ESPN Radio, this app lets you listen to sports radio coverage. The only difference is that it’s Yahoo’s instead of ESPN’s. Still, they provide MLB coverage all season long, so this is an app to keep in your arsenal.

MLB streaming radio app5.  MLB Streaming Radio: This app is exclusive to Android. Even though it’s relatively unknown at this point, it’s a useful tool. All the app does is list every MLB team and provide links to the web streams of any individual team’s games. So, if you’re a Cubs fan, you just tap “Chicago Cubs” and are instantly redirected to the webcast of the Cubs game. It’s a handy app, but can be a bit ruthless on your phone’s battery.

Technology has put everything, including baseball, at our fingertips. With these useful apps, you won’t ever have to wonder who won a game or how a team just scored. Unless you lose your phone, you’ll never miss a second of Major League Baseball action.

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