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Baseball’s Hottest Wives Nominee: Amanda McCarthy

I don’t often go grocery shopping, but when I strolled down the magazine aisle today to take a look at the fantasy baseball magazines, I was distracted by ESPN magazine’s cover of Brandon McCarthy’s wife Amanda McCarthy.  I immediately knew that Amanda McCarthy deserved a nomination for Baseball’s Hottest Wives 2012.

Former model Amanda Nelson first met Brandon while the two were in high school.  Amanda went to the University of Arizona and the couple reconnected after there.  Brandon proposed by putting the engagement ring in her champagne glass while at dinner (see I’d be afraid she’d take a big gulp and swallow the thing).

Amanda McCarthy writes an awesome blog called Stillettos and Cleats and you can follow Amanda McCarthy on Twitter @Mrs_McCarthy32.  Husband Brandon is @BMcCarthy32 on Twitter.

Brandon McCarthy wife Amanda

Amanda & Brandon McCarthy - March 6, 2012 ESPN Magazine cover

Brandon McCarthy's wife Amanda

Amanda McCarthy: Baseball's Hottest Wives Nominee

Amanda McCarthy pool side

Amanda McCarthy

<more hott pictures of baseball wives Amanda McCarthy after the jump>

Amanda McCarthy

Brandon McCarthy's wife

Amanda McCarthy sexy pics

Sexy swimsuit pics of Amanda McCarthy

Brandon McCarthy hot wife swimsuit

Brandon McCarthy wife

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