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How To Take Charge of Your Injury Problem

Emilio Bonifacio

Emilio Bonifacio with not Emilio Bonifacio's girlfriend.


Ever draft a great fantasy baseball team, only to see it go down the tubes quickly due to unanticipated injuries to your new fantasy baseball studs?  We’ve all been there.

But, how do you avoid the injury bug in fantasy baseball?  Well, the first way is to avoid those injury prone players.  Injuries are not about bad luck, at least not always.  Some player are just more prone to injury than others (Grady Sizemore anyone?) so try to avoid them.  (Shameless plug to see pictures of Grady Sizemore’s girlfriend here.   Heck, we could have chosen a lot of other guys that are injury prone too.)

The second way is through drafting multi-position players and guys who will be moving to other positions for the new season.  On our radio show this morning, we targeted Trevor Plouffe, Emilio Bonifacio, and Kyle Seager as three such players who qualify with the often used 10 game minimum at shortstop, but also qualify at other positions.  In these cases, you are getting DH, outfield, and third base production respectively at the shortstop position.

We were going to give you a list of players who qualify at multiple positions, but the guys over at Fantasy Baseball Tools had already done it for us, so here’s a link to their list of multi-position players.

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