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Phillie Phanatic Shares Pictures from his Trip Back Home

The Phillie Phanatic recently made a trip back to his homeland in the Gallapagos Islands.  The Phanatic was kind enough to share some of his pictures with his favorite fantasy baseball site, Fantasy Baseball Dugout.

Phillies Phanatic Gallapagos Islands

HOME GAME: The Phanatic makes his way to his hometown on the Gallapagos Islands.

Phillie Phanatic seal

POSER: The Phanatic poses with a native of the island.

(See more of the Phanatic’s home pictures after the jump.)

Phanatic disses seal on Gallapagos Islands

TONGUE THING: The Phanatic does the tongue thing with a seal on the Gallapagos Islands.

Phillie Phanatic races turtle

RACE: After being distracted by the seal, the Phanatic falls behind in the challenge race with the giant tortoise.


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