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Top 10 Baseball Movie Scenes

by BallparkBob

In the past, we’ve covered the Top 100 Sports Movies of all-time. We’ve also received a lot of publicity about the Top 50 Baseball Movies of all-time. We’ve even reprinted the New York Times all-time baseball movie team. And, we sure gave a lot of coverage to Moneyball prior to its release. Heck, we even named the Best Sports Christmas Movie of all-time.

Now, we present the Top 10 Baseball Movie Scenes of All-Time.

10. The Sandlot — The scene when Hamilton “The Babe” Porter hits one over the fence.

9. 61 — Maris hits # 61 as Mickey watches from the hospital.

8. For the Love of the Game — Aging Billy Chapel “Clear the Mechanism” and attempts to pitch a no hitter against the Yankees.

7. Naked Gun — Hilarious umpire scene where Leslie Nielsen goes behind the plate to try to find out who is attempting to kill the Queen.

6. Bull Durham — Crash Craddock gives some veteran advice on the mound to Nuke LaLoosh.

5. Major League — Cleveland Indians Rick Vaughn, The Wild Thing, entrance music showing actor Charlie Sheen is winning again.

4. A League of their Own — One of the most memorable quotes in any movie: “There’s no crying in baseball.”

3. Pride of the Yankees — This scene would have been my number one, but quite frankly, Gary Cooper didn’t do the “Luckiest Man in the World” speech as well as Lou Gehrig himself.

2. The Natural — Roy Hobbs is late in his career and his home run busts the lights.

1. Field of Dreams — Father and son having a catch.

Thanks for watching. What is your favorite baseball movie scene?

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