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Introducing: The All-Christmas Baseball Name Team

In the past, we’ve named our All-Name team and we’ve even rated the best Christmas sports movies, but we’ve never put the two together.  So, in the spirit of the (Matt) Holiday Season, BallparkBob gives you the best Christmas baseball names.

Steve Christmas baseball card

Merry Christmas: An autographed baseball card from Steve Christmas.

We’ve tried to stick with modern or active Major Leaguers, but sometimes the old-timers had names that we just couldn’t pass up.  Take Steve Christmas for example.  Nobody remembers Christmas’s career and his .162 career batting average in 37 at bats from 1983 to 1986 with the Reds, White Sox, and Cubs, but he certainly has a name that we can’t forget.  Steve did receive a special Christmas gift when he hit a home run for the White Sox in 1984 when he hit .364 in 11 at bats.

BallparkBob’s Baseball Christmas Names Team

Manager — Larry Shepard


  • Steve Christmas
  • Jesus Montero (yes, we had a lot of Jesus’s to go for)
  • Carlos Santa-na
  • Reindeer Bill Killefer


  • J.T. Snow
  • Jamey Carroll
  • Cupid Childs
  • Mike Lamb
  • Pedro Feliz (Navidad)

Oufielders —

  • Matt Holliday
  • Laynce (St.) Nix
  • Angel Pagan
  • Billy North
  • Fern Bell
  • Rob Deer
  • Devon White (Christmas)
  • Mickey Mantle (The Commerce Comet)


  • Jon Garland
  • Jeff Holly
  • Rick Wise (Men)
  • Brandon Claus-sen
  • Noel Arguellas
  • Dick Pole (just a funny name anyway)


  • St. Louis (Christmas) Cards

Whom did we miss?  Let us know in the comments below.

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